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The Story Behind 2012′s Unlikely Hit Song – ‘Home’ by Phillip Phillips

n an era where the pop music charts are dominated by thumping 808 drums, European Dub Step-esque synths and topics more fit for late night TV – an unexpected little folk song about “Home” unexpectedly became one of 2012′s biggest songs. Here’s the story behind one of our favorite songs.

February 05 / 2013

The Perfect Shower Head for the Home of the Next American Idol

This week on FOX millions of people watched what has become a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Yes, I’m referring to Nicki Minaj’s hair, but also the fact that it’s the annual season for American Idol to return. Millions of amateur singers screech, bumble and sometimes even sing their way to one of those illustrious golden tickets to Hollywood. Most of those auditioning probably practiced at home. Ok some of them practiced and a lot of them could use some more practice. What better place is there to practice your Taylor Swift imitation than in the shower? Well have I got the perfect shower head for the home of the next American Idol.

Growing Up in a Music Filled Home

Music and home. Those are two words that are synonymous for me. You see, I was raised in a home constantly filled with music.