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Public Art Graces Parks and Plazas Throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Much of the public art displayed in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has the area’s history, particularly its Western roots, as a subject. But not all of it. The two cities share a tradition of architecturally important buildings as well as modern art.

Home of the Week: Architectural Elegance in Costa Rica

Some homes have the ability to transport you to another time and even another world. This is one of those homes.

World’s First Floating Town

Glasgow, Scotland: World’s First Floating Village

October 11 / 2012

The Foldable House

This is seriously unique. By way of FastCoDesign.com, I discovered this video and photo of what appears to be the first portable and foldable house. It’s like a modular tent for the 21st century bedouin. You can rearrange walls, room sizes and the entire layout if you’re feeling quite handy.

August 25 / 2011