The ABCs of Smart Home Technology

Don’t know where to start with smart home technology and devices? We’ve compiled an A-to-Z dictionary to help guide you to pro status.

The Hub Robot by LG Talks to Your Home’s...

The Hub Robot by LG is doing all the talking when it comes to your appliances!

CES 2017: Top 5 Smart Home Products

Bet you never even knew these smart home tech products existed - we didn't, until we discovered them at CES!

The 2017 Smart Home Marketplace Survey: Americans...

Coldwell Banker teamed up with Vivint Smart Home ahead of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to see what consumers were looking for in smart home technology. Turns out, Americans are ready...

New Year New Home?

If buying a house is on your “to do” list this year, now is also the time to begin preparing.

The 2017 Housing Market: The Hottest Markets

Looking to buy a home in 2017? In the final post of the series, Real Estate Market Specialist Les Christie gives us the scoop on the top housing markets in the U.S. for the coming year.
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