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In Their Own Words: What Buying a Home Really Means

In this LXTV Open House segment that aired across the nation this past Sunday, we get first hand accounts from real people on the value they see in achieving homeownership.

Sandy Aftermath: The Road To Recovery Starts with Community

In times of stress, including natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, we really get a glimpse of what a community is all about.

November 07 / 2012

Rental Search Now Live on coldwellbanker.com

As our Chief Executive Officer Jim Gillespie often says on TV, homeownership is something that a vast majority of Americans aspire to. In fact, in a recent Coldwell Banker survey on the American Dream of Homeownership, we learned that 83% of renters agree that they want to own a home someday. With that said, many people, [...]

Homeowners Define Communities

What a summer it has been – especially the last month or so. An earthquake, unbearable heat, Hurricane Irene, squabbling in Washington, D.C., but now it’s time for my favorite season. Yup, for me fall begins tomorrow with the start of the college football season.

September 01 / 2011

Confidence in Home Ownership Headed In Right Direction

I’m using my iPad more and more to get my news, but I still love “old fashioned” newspapers and magazines. On one of my recent – and many – flights to visit with Coldwell Banker agents around the country, I stopped in the Hudson News at Newark Airport and picked up Money Magazine. When I [...]

April 25 / 2011

Foreclosure Moratorium Could Hurt

I know there is a lot being written and said about the ongoing review by 50 state attorney generals regarding the foreclosure procedures of some major lenders in the United States.  I wanted to weigh in on this issue. I first want to explain that losing a home is a horrible, horrible thing and we all [...]

October 18 / 2010