Welcome Home: Everett Siblings

George to the Rescue transforms the large Randolph, NJ home of the Everett siblings after their parents passed away in a tragic accident during Superstorm Sandy. Here the young Everett family describes what “Home Sweet Home” means to them.

The Everett siblings became homeowners overnight after their parents passed away in a tragic accident during Superstorm Sandy. Zoe Everett, the eldest of four, took on the brave task of not only serving as guardian of her three siblings, but also managing their large Randoph, NJ home.

Wise beyond her years, Zoe sums up her struggle with managing the house: “I think the hardest part with the house is that it’s just large and unpredictable, but that’s with any house. Home ownership is just unpredictable.” How right she is!

Here’s where NBC’s George To The Rescue makes his entrance. Contractor and designer, George Oliphant, arrives with his crew to help the Everetts manage their cluttered house and turn their kitchen annex and office into rooms better fit for this family of four.

It struck me that even though the Everett siblings have taken on a very grown-up responsibility, their household is still very obviously the home of four young adults. This is most apparent in their reaction to the transformation of their home. George converts the office once overrun with clutter into an organized oasis, which is quickly renamed “the girl cave.” Likewise, the large banquette table George designs for family meals in the kitchen annex is declared “the perfect fort table.”

While the Everetts may view their home through the eyes of teenagers, they have a very adult perspective on home. “Home to me is the people you’re surrounded by,” Zoe says. Hear more about what “Home Sweet Home” means to the Everetts in the video above.

A story that breaks and warms your heart all at once, watch the full episode of George To The Rescue: The Everett Family Rescue.

Welcome Home: Everett siblings!

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