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Finding the Perfect Home in Another State

Relocating for a new job or simply to start over can be an exciting venture. However, it can seem challenging to find a new home when individuals don’t know the nearby towns, neighborhoods or other features of their new location. There are several steps buyers can take to find the perfect piece of real estate [...]

What They Didn’t Show You on Undercover Boss

If you recently saw  Undercover Boss on CBS, Buffet, Inc. CEO Anthony Wedo awarded a new home to employee Whitney Durant.  What CBS did not show was the work of Coldwell Banker Reap Realty agent Alicia Abels in Alexandria, LA.  Alicia assisted Whitney in the purchase of her family’s new home. Congrats to Alicia for [...]

Factors to Consider Before Building a Home

For all the benefits building a home can bring, there are still other factors to consider

Real Estate Headlines for the Middle of November

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? Before you start stuffing turkeys and debating over pecan or pumpkin pie, here are some real estate headlines to get your week started right:

November 12 / 2012

How to Prioritize Home Repairs

Buying a home can be an expensive endeavor, and many potential buyers choose to shave a couple bucks off the final price by purchasing starter homes or properties that need a few repairs. And while this strategy can be an effective way to save money and, in some cases, personalize the house, knowing which repairs are more pressing can [...]

Real Estate Headlines for the Last Week of School

Maybe kids in your town get out next week, but mine are out this week. Either way school’s almost out for summer which means lighter traffic in the morning commute for me, but larger crowds at beaches, pools & theme parks across the country. As vacation time heads into overdrive and you start wondering about buying a vacation home instead of renting, here are some real estate headlines to keep you on the pulse:

June 12 / 2012

New Year New Home?

It’s officially 2012 so let me start by wishing you a happy new year. In early January, many of us are planning and setting goals for everything we want to do and achieve in the year to come. While many people think of spring as the primetime home buying season, the winter months often offer an even greater selection, and the opportunity to settle into the new home before warmer months arrive. If buying a house is on your “to do” list this year, now is also the time to begin preparing.

January 03 / 2012

How a Celebrity Moves Into a New Home

Okay, good movers hate to drop things but I’m going to drop a few names to prove I’m legit. Our client list would make the top Hollywood Agents green with envy. And our insider stories would make tabloid fodder look like the Wall Street Journal on a pre-crash day. But we don’t kiss and tell. Discretion and attention to detail, and I mean every detail, is what counts in our business.

August 10 / 2011
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