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5 Things You Don’t Need In Your Home in 2014

Welcome to the New Year. It’s now time for everyone to tell you what you should be doing this year to improve your life, your career, your feelings, your indigestion, etc. In fact you’ll even read about people telling you what you need for your home in 2014. I read somewhere that Orchid Purple is THE color of 2014 so if you don’t have plans for adding that color into your home, 2014 is gonna be pretty lame. Of course I’m being facetious.

January 08 / 2014
Author David Marine
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The Next TV in Your Home Will Not Be Smart But a Dummy

Smart TVs have been talked about for years. Two years ago I was at the Consumer Electronics Show where it was the latest and greatest home entertainment device being showcased. Look at how many apps you can have on your TV! You can read emails on a 50 inch HDTV. Don’t you want to post to Twitter on your flat screen?

June 07 / 2013