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How to Deal with Ice Dams in Your Gutters

If you live in an area where snow falls each winter and the temperature dips below freezing this time of year, chances are you may have to deal with ice dams at some point. Not sure what ice dams are? It’s when ice builds up in your gutters forming a dam that prevents water from flowing off your roof and forcing it to find other places to go – likely inside of your home.

February 25 / 2014

Give Me A Snow Plow Robot

Winter refuses to go away for most of us even though we plead with it to be gone. So instead of making snow shoveling a chore, what if it were insanely awesome? How could that be? Just add robots. This snow plow robot is only $8,500. Think of it as an investment. An investment in [...]

February 18 / 2014
Author David Marine
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How To Protect Trees and Shrubs From Heavy Snow

how to save trees after a heavy snow.

February 12 / 2014

Simple DIY Ice Dam Prevention for Your Home

Snow. Ice. Sleet. Shovel. That seems to be the course of events for most of us this winter, but one thing that often gets overlooked until it becomes a problem are ice dams.

February 05 / 2014
Author David Marine
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3 Snow Day Essentials for Kids

There are four little words that every kid longs to hear during cold months…

January 10 / 2014

A Genius Idea for Removing Snow From Your Driveaway

Reduce the time it takes to shovel your driveway with this awesome DIY project

January 03 / 2014

The Gas Free Snow Blower for Your Winter Driveway

The white giant of winter is not so far away for much of us who don’t live in the South or Southwest portions of the U.S. But for those who live in the great north, dealing with snow is always in the back of homeowner’s minds. Snow blowers are a precious commodity for those who must plow their way through much of the winter months, but there’s always the hassle of getting gas for the blower or getting it to start…until now.

October 18 / 2013
Author David Marine
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World’s Most Expensive Homes Hits the Luxury Slopes of Aspen

Welcome the world premier video for Episode 2 of the World’s Most Expensive Homes video series from Coldwell Banker Real Estate.

Slideshow: 7 Après-Ski Luxury Homes

Forbes recently launched it’s list of the top ski destinations in the United States as well as a list of top ski vacation resorts. But why not have your very own ski resort? With winter in full swing and your skis or snowboards ready for the slopes, let’s take a look at 7 homes across the United States that are perfect for the skiers or snowboarders in your family.

Snowiest Cities in America

With the recent influx of snowstorms hitting much of the U.S., I, along with many Americans, need a reminder of why it’s nice sometimes to live in a “winter wonderland.” In the early weeks of 2011, 49 out of the 50 states had snow on the ground. I can attest to this as I was [...]

February 03 / 2011
Author David Marine
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