Houses have always been a central element in the spooky and scary tales of Halloween. There’s something about a house with Gothic architecture, boarded up windows or even the aura of the supernatural that can send tingles up your spine. I’m sure all of us can think of that one house in the neighborhood that you ran past instead of just leisurely strolling past it.

With Halloween just a few days away I though it was time to take a look at some of the scariest houses that have existed. Some are real homes and others are fictional, but all of them will haunt your thoughts. Ok, that was a bit much, but they’re still pretty creepy.

The Amityville Horror house 150x150 The 5 Scariest Houses Ever

The Amityville Horror House

5. The House from The Amityville Horror

The house at 112 Ocean Ave in Amityville, NY is both real and fictional at the same time. The book written about the horrors that happened at this home, which then led to a series of movies, has come under debate as to whether they are truly based on real life events. No matter the case, this house and the paranormal activities that surround it make it one of the scarier residences that I never care to enter.

It was also recently on the market again. Rumor has it that it’s a killer deal.

baronehouse 150x150 The 5 Scariest Houses Ever

The Barone Residence

4. The Barone House from Everybody Loves Raymond

What’s that? You’re surprised to see this house on the list? I’m surprised that it’s only #4. Think about it. What’s a scarier situation than living across the street from your overbearing, critical mother/mother-in-law who thinks your place has an open door policy. On top of that add a brother/brother-in-law who never seems to go to his own place.

I’m not sure there’s a scarier place. At least haunted houses are ok in the daytime. The Barone residence has frightening characters at all times of the day.

American Horror Story 2 150x150 The 5 Scariest Houses Ever

American Horror Story

3. The House from FX’s American Horror Story

This show may only be a few episodes old, but this home is already near the top of the all time creepy list. It’s got everything: cedar floors, Tiffany light fixtures, body parts in jars in the basement. Then of course there’s the fact that this is the scene of several murders, your housekeeper is probably a ghost, strange people in leather outfits appear out of nowhere and the worst part is your neighbors think your house is always available to them.

Creepy does not do this home justice. Macabre is a more suitable adjective.

220px House on Haunted Hill1 150x150 The 5 Scariest Houses Ever

The House on Haunted Hill

2. The House on Haunted Hill

Whether it’s the home of Vincent Price’s character, Frederick Loren, in the 1958 original or the later remakes, I don’t care what kind of party is being thrown or what the prize money is. I’m not staying here.

This lurid domicile has no lights and all doors locked after midnight. Don’t even think of trying to escape or the ghoulish figures that spook the house will make sure it’s the last thing you do. Well even if you don’t try and escape they will still nag you or worse.

Side note: The original movie has one of the most chilling endings of all time.

moneypit 150x150 The 5 Scariest Houses Ever

The Money Pit

1. The House from The Money Pit

You want to talk about scary? How about buying a new house only to have everything that you can imagine be wrong with the home come to fruition. Contractors that tell you renovations will take “two weeks” only to have it be four months.

I can’t even imagine how many Home Depot trips are required during the span of this movie. I’m balled up in the fetal position just thinking about it.

Without a doubt, this is the house that haunts me the most.

Got another scary house to add to the list? Share your favorite in the comments.