Resident Evil: Retribution 3D comes out in theaters this week and is quite possibly one of the most overlooked successful film franchises. While hard core gamers are familiar with the series, what the average person may not realize is that original story line for Resident Evil focuses on one of the most famous homes ever featured in a video game: Resident Evil Mansion.

Let’s not take away from the majesty of Bowser’s Castle from Super Marios, but is that really a home? There’s no furniture or real decor. Just a lot of lava pits you have to jump over. Resident Evil Mansion on the other hand is a place, that at one point in time, you could have actually lived in.

Resident Evil Mansion is actually known as Spencer Mansion since it was owned by Sir Oswell E. Spencer who used his residence as a place for his secret laboratory in the sub-basement levels for creating illegal biological weapons and experiments that resulted in the creation of some seriously angry zombies and the t-Virus outbreak.

But if we look past the egregious experiments and the monster ridden hallways that are prevalent in both the Resident Evil games and movies, it’s actually a really nice place. Located in Raccoon City, which is assumed to be a town of about 100,000 people somewhere in the Midwest, the Spencer Mansion has a sprawling layout and seems to be influenced by classic Victorian decor.

You can see in the slideshow photos above the behind the grim and grit of an abandoned home with a touch of paint, a week’s worth of cleaning and a few gallons of Clorox, the mansion would be quite a nice place.

You could even argue that the place is more livable than Downton Abbey. Of course the mansion is currently destroyed thanks to the Special Tactics and Rescue Services (S.T.A.R.S.) initiating a self-destruct sequence in the home to destroy the mansion and keeping anyone from finding the laboratory inside.

The film version of the mansion is called Arklay Mansion and was actually filmed on location in Potsdam, Germany at an estate called Schloss Lindstedt. Rumor has it the entire cast and crew was creeped out by the place during the entire film.

Some have even used floorplans of the mansion that are available online to recreate the place in real life and in online virtual worlds. To learn more about the Resident Evil/Spencer mansion, check out Resident Evil Wikia.


Images courtesy of Resident Evil Wikia