firepit 300x199 Why Coldwell Banker Puts Emphasis On Home Value Beyond Just Numbers

A home is more than just dollars and cents.

Forbes recently sat down with Coldwell Banker CMO, Mike Fischer, to talk about our new campaign. But they did more than just ask about the highlights. They wanted to know why Coldwell Banker Real Estate was putting emphasis on home value beyond just the numbers. I love the line that Forbes editor, Jennifer Rooney, put as an intro to her video interview with Mike. She wrote:

Home prices are the lowest in 10 years. Mortgages are more affordable, but tougher to get. Economic uncertainty persists.

But home is and always will be where the heart is, and that transcends the dollars-and-cents mechanics of home ownership. Coldwell Banker wants to remind you of that–and that it should be your go-to real estate company in a sea of competitors–in its latest ad campaign. 

That is what the Value of a Home campaign is all about. That’s what owning a home is about although we lose sight of that in the alarming headlines and home value craziness that has permeated the industry today.

Find out what consumer insights helped form this campaign and how Coldwell Banker Real Estate is seeing it impact the market in the interview below: