3 Laundry Room Layout Ideas to Make Washing Clothes More Fun

Laundry rooms sometimes double as utility rooms, storage areas or mud rooms, which means that many activities are often squeezed into one small space. If you’re looking to spice up your laundry room, check out a few of these tips and design ideas.

For some, laundry can be a peaceful escape, a quiet time to fold towels and socks. Others never seem to find washing clothes as more than a household chore. If you fall on the not-so-fun end of the spectrum, you may be in need of a laundry room redo to make your laundry duties easier and perhaps more enjoyable. Spice up the laundry room in your Philadelphia home with a few of these tips and design ideas.

1. Get Organized

Sorting clothes before washing makes the job of tossing in a load of laundry faster. Mark separate baskets for lights, darks, and towels. Canvas bags labeled by wash type also work well. Solicit the help of your family members by charging them with the responsibility of bringing their own wash to the laundry room and leaving it in the correct storage container. Another way to organize the room is to install hanging rods for any articles of clothing that you prefer to air dry.

2. Create Space Savers

For busy families, laundry rooms never seem large enough to handle the steady stream of clothes rotating in and out. To maximize your space, install shelving or cabinets above your washer and dryer. Purchase stock cabinets at a home improvement store or look for clearance sales on higher-quality cabinets. This additional storage allows you to conceal cleaning products cluttering an already busy room. If you prefer to fold clothes as soon as they come out of the washer, consider adding counter space spanning the length of the room. Adding a wall-mounted drying rack can also be a great space saver.

3. Add Fun Design

Laundry rooms sometimes double as utility rooms, storage areas, or mud rooms, which means that many activities are often squeezed into one small space. To liven up the room’s design, wall tiles are an attractive way to protect walls from water or soap splashes. Many people put off painting the walls in their laundry room, but adding color is another quick and inexpensive way to dress up this area of your home and convert it into more of a living space than a work space. If you install open shelving, you can store soaps and other supplies in mason jars or plastic storage containers for a uniform, eye-pleasing appearance.

Whether you view the laundry room as a get-in-and-out area or you’ve made it into a glamorous private retreat, the space should be functional and smartly designed to increase your household’s efficiency. Use these tips to get give your laundry room a quick and easy makeover.

Image Source: Flickr/Bill Wilson


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