3 Neighborhoods for Great NYC Nightlife

NYC nightlife is legendary, with people all over the world dreaming of one day being able to experience just a taste of it. Oftentimes, people just want to know where the action is, and this article can help start them off on the right foot.

When it comes to New York nightlife, there’s nothing else quite like it. You can party in Cape Town, boogie in Ibiza, and shake it up in London, but there’s just something about NYC nightlife that makes all other party towns seem like New York Lite. With a staggering array of options available, the following party-ready neighborhoods are just a few of the places New Yorkers head to when they’re going out to get down.

Meatpacking District

It’s hard to believe that this area — a nightlife hotspot filled with uber-luxe apartments, glitzy high-end retailers, and filled-to-capacity restaurants — was actually at one time an actual meatpacking district, but it’s true. Those giant loft spaces that held rows upon rows of sides of beef are now filled with rows upon rows of Manolos at chic clothing emporium Jeffrey. If you can score an invite to take a dip in the rooftop pool at the “no cell phone zone” of the exclusive Soho House, take it. If you can’t, there are plenty of other places that cater to cool, including the rooftop bar at the Gansevoort, a hotel with a much more democratic door policy. Restaurants like The Spotted Pig and Spice Market offering ample opportunities for people watching. Clubs like Cielo pack ’em in with the siren sounds of Latin, techno, and dubstep.

Flatiron District

The Flatiron District may look like a teeny sliver of Manhattan this side of Chelsea and that side of Park Avenue South, but don’t let that skinny Flatiron building fool you. This area is NYC nightlife central, and weekends begin on Wednesday nights here. Laid-back, cozy spots like the Rose Bar or Toshi’s Living Room are perfect if you’re looking for an à deux night out. For those looking to rock until dawn, clubs like Room Service will fit the bill.

Upper West Side

Many people think of the Upper West Side as the sole domain of families with young children, but it’s also extremely popular with people looking for an area of the city that doesn’t necessarily go to sleep after dark. Whether your version of a great night on the town involves kicking back in a narrow, candlelit space like The Dead Poet on Amsterdam, channeling your inner Kerouacs with bottles of red wine, or it’s partying at Terminal 5 until they turn the lights on, the Upper West Side offers a nightlife option for every taste.


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