3 Things You Didn’t Know You Need In Your Laundry Room

Keep these three items in your laundry room to stay organized and stain-free!

We’ve shown you what the laundry room of the future looks like after visiting the Consumer Electronics Show in the beginning of January, and it’s clear that we’ll soon start seeing gadgets like the LG Styler in homes across the country. All of this talk about high-tech laundry got me thinking about some of the simpler things in my laundry room I rely on constantly to help keep my clothes clean and organized.

Here’s the three items found in my laundry room that I can’t live without:

1. Grandma’s stain remover 
This is a little bottle of pure magic. It takes out virtually any type of stain on clothing – I know because it’s saved a lot of my outfits over the years – including a white sundress! It’s a concentrated formula that you apply directly onto the stain prior to washing, and the stain vanishes completely after washing.


Image via Amazon.com

2. Drying racks
I’ve saved a lot of money on dry cleaning bills by simply washing some of my nicer clothing items on a delicate cycle and hanging them up on a drying rack overnight. Drying racks are also helpful for getting that “pressed” look since you can lay clothing out perfectly flat, which sometimes eliminates the need to iron or steam. Talk about a time saver!


Image via BedBathandBeyond.com

3. A Laundry Sorter
I guarantee you, life gets easier when you sort out your laundry loads prior to washing. This laundry sorter makes it easy to separate whites, darks, and delicate wash items to ensure no clothing items end up in a load where they don’t belong.


Image via Amazon.com


Do you use any of these items in your laundry room to stay organized (and stain free)? Leave us a comment and let us know what else we need to add to this list!


Header image via Flickr user Kim MyoungSung

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