4 Affordable Ways to Make Over Your Living Room

While you may not have the time, or money, to decorate like a pro, here are 4 ways you can give your living room a make over

It is easy to lose track of time looking at the thousands of beautiful rooms on Pinterest in the home decor section. A majority of the photos look like they came straight out of a decor magazine which, quite frankly, makes me feel like the worst decorator…of ever. Seriously, who has the time and money to make their living room look like this?! Does anyone even really live in the home above? It is perfect!

While you may not have the time, or money, to decorate like a pro, here are 4 ways you can give your living room a make over:

Rethink your Floor Plan








Resist the urge to push your couches right up to the wall. This may be difficult in smaller living rooms but if you can you pull  your couch even a few inches away from your wall it will actually make your room appear larger. Doing this will also create a room that fosters more intimate conversations areas.

Choose the Right Rug








The elements in a room should be connected, both visibly and physically, says Coral Nafie, About.com’s interior decorating guide. She adds, a rug on the floor adds color and a connection between pieces of furniture. The rug should be tucked under the front legs of chairs, sofas, and tables.









You’ve heard the famous line “Less is more” right? Well the same thing can be said for home decor. Take inventory of everything in your room that isn’t furniture. This includes pictures, knick knacks, collectibles and anything else in the room you have collected over the years. Give a value to these things, sentimental or monetary, and get rid of the items that you can bare to part with. Clutter makes a room look disorganized and small. By reducing the amount of items in your room your special items will stand out even more than before. You can always store items and rotate them every season, this way your room is always getting an update. The best part about this tip? It’s free!

Perk Up Your Neutral Palette by Embracing Color








Neutral colors are of course safe and when thinking about selling your home they are best to use. However, pops of color are a must when reinventing a living space. If you are not ready to commit to adding a bold color of paint to your walls there are several other options you can consider. A neutral background is the perfect canvas for colorful lamps, throw pillows, art and other colorful accessories. Allow Mother Nature to help! You can seem in the image above adding plants and flowers are an easy way of adding color and personality to a room. Of course a beautiful fragrance is an added bonus.

Need decor ideas? Check out real life examples from homeowners who have listed their homes with Coldwell Banker here.

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