4 Home Maintenance Tasks to Do First Thing in Spring

Now that winter’s really over, it’s time to start thinking spring. Get your home ready for the warmer weather ahead and undo any damage done by winter’s freezing temperatures, winds, and snow with these simple home maintenance projects.

Even a mild winter can do some damage to your home, no matter how many precautions you take. As spring gets underway, it’s a good idea to do a quick check up to see what home maintenance projects you’ll need to undertake. It could be as simple as cleaning away old, dead plants, or it might be that you need to complete a more complicated project, such as patching up the roof of your Philadelphia home.

Inspect the Roof

There are several areas of your home’s exterior that might need some TLC and maintenance after the winter. Take the roof, for example. To see if it has sustained any wear and tear during the last few months, take a look at it with a pair of binoculars. If there are shingles on the roof, look for ones that have become loose or that seem to have moved. If you have a flat roof, inspecting it without climbing up can be more difficult. You might want to hire a roofer to take a peek and to perform any repairs, such as replacing the flashing, which can split as a result of snow and ice. Early spring is also a great time to check on the gutters, as winter storms can cause leaves, twigs, and other bits of debris to fall into them.

Tidy Up Your Landscape

Whether your landscaping is just a few potted plants by your stoop or a lush backyard, it likely needs a bit of a cleanup come spring. Now’s the time to pull up any annuals that you left in the garden over the winter, to prune back any perennials, and to rake up any fallen leaves, if you didn’t before the winter. It’s also the right time to pull up any weeds, while they are still small. You may also want to mix some compost into your soil to give your plants some nutrition before the growing season begins.

Check on the A/C

You might not need to switch on the air conditioning for several months yet, but the early spring is the right time to make sure it’s in working order. Don’t wait until it’s 85 degrees out to find out your A/C is busted! If you have window units, pull out and clean any filters and re-install them in the windows. If you have central air, it is worth the effort and expense to call in a technician to perform a quick test and tune-up of your system.

Deep Clean the Windows

Sunny spring days can bring to light just how streaky your windows are. Give them a deep cleaning early in the season so that the sun can shine through. You can use a window cleaner or simply vinegar to wipe the glass clean. If you want to clean the sills and tracks, vacuum up any dirt and dust first, then wipe down with gentle soap and water. Now’s the time to clean and fix up the screens, too. Take them out and hose them down, or soak them in a large basin of soapy water. If there are tears or holes in the screens, you can replace them entirely or purchase a screen repair kit and patch them up yourself.

Tackling home maintenance projects early in the spring means that you’ll be ready to relax and enjoy the warmer weather to come. Don’t put off these projects, as the sooner you take care of them, the happier your home will be.

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