4 Kitchen Shelving Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Work for You

In need of some kitchen shelving ideas? There are lots of creative options to maximize the space in your kitchen. Check out these ways to stash, store, and organize kitchen essentials so your kitchen can be the happy heart of your home.

Kitchen shelving ideas can be the saving grace of your living space. You know what they say: The kitchen is the heart of the home. But if you’re lacking a spacious pantry — or if you don’t have one at all — you’re probably all too familiar with kitchen clutter. We all have it.

Coffee makers, can openers, toasters, and all kinds of other culinary odds and ends can end up scattered on the countertops and in the pantry. It’s hard to find what you need when you need it, and there’s precious little space to actually do any cooking.

What’s a homeowner to do? Explore some creative kitchen shelving ideas and start enjoying your kitchen again.

1. Make Your Pantry Door Do Double Duty

Have you ever thought about using your pantry door to store canned goods, baking essentials, freezer bags, and other kitchen items? It’s a genius way to maximize your storage space. Hang a door rack over the top (here are some attractive options) and enjoy all the benefits of using your pantry door to store.

2. Get Some Cabinet Shelves

Make the most of the space in your kitchen cabinets by using cabinet shelves to store your glassware and dishes. You can get these shelves in a variety of dimensions to fit any cabinet. This way, you won’t be wasting any space and can get the most out of your kitchen cabinets. Here are some ideas for your upper and lower cabinets.

3. Try Some Open Shelving

When people think of kitchen shelving ideas, they often think of what’s behind closed cabinet and pantry doors. But that’s not always the case. You can add some functional charm to your kitchen by installing open shelves to store your dishware and glasses. Just be sure to keep your prettiest wares on display — everybody will see what’s there.

4. Opt for suspended shelving.

Here’s another one of those unconventional kitchen shelving ideas: hanging storage. If you want to give an instant update to your kitchen (and maximize your space), install open shelves suspended from the ceiling. It’s an interesting change of pace from the typical wall-mounted open-shelving options, and it buys you some excellent storage space if you have a small-ish kitchen.

Don’t succumb to kitchen clutter just because you don’t have a huge pantry or a lot of space. Try one of these kitchen shelving ideas to instantly enhance the hub (and the heart) of your DFW home.

Image Source: Flickr/Pieter Pieterse


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