5 Indoor Winter Activities in Philly to Help You Stay Warm

Are the freezing temperatures in Philly getting you down? You don’t need to crank up the heat and huddle under a pile of blankets to keep warm. Get out and be social with one of these indoor activities designed to help you stay warm.

It’s freezing outside, and your heater’s working overtime to keep your home at room temperature. Although the weather during a Philadelphia winter can be something to reckon with, the city doesn’t give up or go into hibernation until spring. If you’re starting to feel the chill, these indoor winter activities will help you warm up.

Head Somewhere with a Fireplace

Some homes in Philly have their own fireplaces, but not everyone is so lucky. If your home is fireplace-free, there are several restaurants and bars all over town where you can enjoy curling up by a toasty fire this winter.

In South Philly, you can head to Growlers and hope for a seat on a comfortable chair by their fireplace. If the fireplace seats are taken at Growlers, head a bit further south and check out the roaring fire at Devil’s Den. Along with a place to warm up, both restaurants offer a full bar, happy hour specials, and menus featuring pub-friendly foods.

Go Shopping for Warmer Clothing

One surefire way to warm up this winter is to wear warmer clothes. Fortunately, Uniqlo recently opened a store in the middle of Center City. The brand is known for offering basics at relatively affordable prices. In particular, its HEATTECH line seems made for a Philly winter. Garments in the line, such as jeans, tights, and hats, are woven in a way that traps and retains heat near your body, making you feel warmer.

Play Video Games

Playing video games probably tops a lot of people’s lists of fun indoor winter activities. But gaming isn’t something you have to stay home to do. Head out to Barcade, located in Fishtown, to spend a day or night keeping warm while you play classic arcade games. As its name suggests, Barcade is a combination bar and arcade, offering food and drink specials, as well as plenty of arcade games. The games are all classics, such as Tetris and Ms. Pac-Man. Each costs a quarter to play. Don’t worry about bringing your own roll of quarters, though, as the bar has plenty of change machines.

Host Your Own Gathering

Sometimes, you just don’t want to go out in the cold, even if you’ll end up somewhere warm. In that case, bring the activity to your home by inviting people over. You can hold a gathering in honor of the Oscars or another award show, to celebrate a holiday, or just because you feel like having people over. As a bonus, the more people in your home, the warmer it will feel, without you having to adjust the thermostat.

Check Out Art

Philadelphia is home two major art museums, and both of those museums let you take a peek at their collections for very little money from time to time. Head to the Philadelphia Museum of Art after work on Wednesday evenings, for pay-what-you-can admission. The museum also offers pay-what-you-can admission on the first Sunday of the month. The Barnes Foundation offers free admission on a first come, first served basis, starting at 9 a.m. on the first Sunday of the month, too. You might have to wait in line to get your tickets, so be sure to bundle up if you go in the winter.

Don’t let the cold get to you. Even when the temperatures outside are below freezing, Philly offers lots of ways for you to keep warm while having fun.

Image Source: Flickr/Sean Davis


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