Smart Home Spotlight: Safety

Keep your home and family safer with these new connected and affordable home safety innovations

Home is such a powerful and magical place. It is where we raise our children, break bread with loved ones, play catch with our siblings or fetch with the family dog. In short, home is our personal little world; our haven. Smart home technology was all the rage when we were on the floor at CES this past January, and while much of it was focused on entertainment, gladly a lot of new smart home technology is aimed at making our havens much safer.

Using smart home technology to make our homes and the people in them safer offers not only peace of mind for ourselves, but it is also a key feature homebuyers are looking for. According to our recent survey which examines today’s buyer and the smart home features they’re keen on, 48 percent of homebuyers are interested in safety related smart home features.

Here are the top four smart safety products to keep an eye out for.

1. Canary – This sleek product that is equal parts security and safety, aims to take the complexity out of home safety technology. It made our safety list for its ability to monitor air quality, temperature and humidity. In addition to all that, the easy to set up Canary Security system also acts as an HD camera, microphone, motion detector and siren that is controllable from your smartphone. It comes in white, black or silver and costs an affordable $249.

2. First Alert Onelink –  This suite of home safety products is completely new to the market and available for presale on The conveniently connected products from First Alert includes a Wi-FI smoke & carbon monoxide alert as well as a Wi-FI- environment monitor that sends alerts to your smartphone when something is wrong.  Integration is key when it comes to the smart home tech arena, so we were pleased to hear that First Alert Onelink will be compatible with Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem.

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3. Nest Protect – By now we’re all familiar with the ground breaking product that was the Nest thermostat. Nest Protect is a smoke and CO smart alarm that speaks to you in a human voice, telling you if there’s smoke or carbon monoxide, which room it is in, and if you’re in immediate danger. This is especially comforting given the fact that a fire can take over a room in as little as five minutes. Every second counts and the specificity with which it details the danger allows you to quickly think of the safest way to exit your home.

4. Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight – Smoke detectors aren’t smart, they don’t know when you’re there or when you’re not. That about sums up the power of this genius little nightlight that keeps track of your smoke alarms, your carbon monoxide alarms, and the climate in your home. If there’s a problem of any kind the Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight sends you a notification directly to your smartphone. How does the Leeo know when there’s smoke or carbon monoxide in your house? It’s pretty simple, by plugging it into your wall you’ve already put it to work. The Leeo will monitor your alarms and alert you or your close friends if things are amiss.

We hope you agree that being smart about home safety is important both to the safety of your home and to potential homebuyers. What excites us about these four products is that they all provide exemplary connected safety features at a very attainable price point.






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