5 Things to Know About Installing a Patio Door

Thinking about installing a patio door? Here are five things to know about picking and installing the perfect door for any home.

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As the gateway to your home’s outdoor living space, patio doors provide beautiful, stylish transitions between your home and landscape. Choosing and installing a patio door is no simple task, but these five pointers can help any homeowner complete the process successfully.

1. Choose a style that fits your home
Patio doors come in many different styles today. Not only do you need to keep in mind the space available for the door and how much natural light you want the doors to bring into the home, but also consider how the door connects the interior and exterior aesthetics of the home.

2. Carefully create the space you need for a new patio door
If you’re not replacing a patio door, you should know there’s more to preparing a wall for they patio door than simply cutting an opening in the wall. Depending on the construction, you may need to incorporate other structural changes to your home. Done right, though, a well-engineered opening will make the installation and enjoyment of the new patio door all the easier.

3. Even if you’re a DIYer, ask for help
Patio doors are heavy—this is not a one-man job! Hiring the pros is something we would recommend, but if you’re a seasoned DIYer, make sure you not only use safe lifting techniques, but also a strong team to help you move the door safely.

4. Measurements count after installation, too
After the door is in place, check your measurements and make sure everything is level. This is the last opportunity to take things out and adjust before you anchor the door into place. Any measurements that are off could potentially cause permanent damage to the patio door or void the manufacturer’s warranty.

5. The door must be watertight
Just like you want to seal out water around a window opening, the same philosophy applies to patio doors. A watertight door not only helps keep the home insulated, it will also prevent future leaks and damage from the outside elements.

There are many considerations for installing a patio door, but these five tips can help keep any homeowner on track for completing the project. For more information about patio doors, styles, and installation ideas, be sure to visit our website.

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