6 Simple Window Treatment Ideas to Add a Wow Factor to Any Room

Get some inspiration on new window treatment ideas in this blog post. We’ll share some interesting ways to revamp the look and feel of your room simply by making adjustments to your windows. Take a look!

Sometimes, a few new window treatment ideas are all you need to freshen up a room and add some instant pizzazz. If you’re tired of looking at your plain-Jane windows and you want to dress things up a bit, read on for six easy, inspiring window treatment ideas.

1. Rethink the Framework

Is the framework on your windows white? Here’s a super-simple way to change up the look: Paint the framework black. If the framework is black, paint it white. It’s a genius way to punch up ordinary windows. You can then experiment with different styles of drapes or curtains — if you want any at all.

2. Draw Attention with Extra-Long Curtains

If your room has a large window (or a spectacular view), make it the focal point with extra-long curtains. Bring them all the way to the ceiling and let them puddle on the floor. Designers often do this to accentuate a room’s height while weaving the window into the room’s overall design.

3. Take Advantage of Your Home’s Architecture

Does your home have an interesting alcove with a window? Make the most of it by hanging drapery along the lines of the alcove. Instead of your curtains going smack-dab across your window, bring them up high to the arches of the alcove. You’ll create instant drama with this eye-catching, asymmetrical window treatment.

4. Repurpose Old Bedsheets

All you need to transform a simple set of sheets into a stunning set of curtains are a sewing machine, an iron, and a little imagination. You can create ombre ruffled curtains — or any other designer window treatments — at home without busting your budget. Here’s a great resource for more DIY window treatment ideas.

5. Make a Statement with Bold Colors or Patterns

If you want to amp up the energy in your room, think about adding curtains, drapes, or Roman shades in a punchy new design or color. Whether you’re into chevron or sheer, stripes or medallions, here are a few window treatment ideas to inspire you.

6. Double Up on the Window Treatments

If you’re in love with a couple of window treatment ideas, don’t be afraid to choose two. You can easily pair Roman shades with drapes or curtains to create the impact you want in your room. Just make sure they work well together. For example, bamboo Roman shades blend well with light, gauzy curtains — not heavy, rich drapery. If you’re pairing styles, choose window treatments that make sense together.

Your windows are a great place to start if you want to give a fresh look and feel to your DFW home. You don’t need a designer or a huge budget, either. Try one of these window treatment ideas, and you’ll see just how much you love looking at — not just out — your windows.

Image Source: Flickr/Via Tsuji


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