Add Bathroom Technology for a Smart Remodel

Like it or not, technology is changing the way we see and hear things every day. These days, when considering a remodel of any room in the house, homeowners are integrating new technology into their plans, including bathroom technology.

Like it or not, technology is changing the way we see and hear things every day. And a remodel of any room in the house should incorporate some use of smart home technology. But, even in the bathroom, you say? Yes, bathroom technology is a thing and an array of products are available to make this room a tech showcase.

Bathroom Luxury

If you are considering remodeling your bathroom, there are many options to think about and possibly include in your plans. Bathroom technology can give you state-of-the-art, spa-like luxury in your own home. There are smart toilets that clean themselves, bathtubs with lighting like a swimming pool, and high-tech lighting for showers. For instance, a smart home system with different colored light bulbs for atmosphere can be controlled by an app, or you can install hands-free faucets with automatic soap dispensers. And you never have to miss your favorite program to take a bath or shower because the new flat screen TV you installed is visible from all angles of the bathroom. Your new showerhead can even incorporate smart home technology, with a wireless speaker that can easily be removed for charging. These smart devices and other bathroom technology products are available at Best Buy and at Lowes in Redding — and best of all they are easy to install.

Convenience and Comfort

Bathroom technology can also make you really comfortable — light therapy and heated toilet seats are options that spring to mind. Of course heated towel racks have been around for a long time as have heated floors, but the smart bathroom floor of the near future will sound an alarm if someone falls. Because your phone is always with you, docking drawers with charging stations are convenient for keeping your smartphone or other device always charged and ready to go when you are. The drawers can also be equipped with electrical outlets for hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, and the like.

You may be thinking that with technology changing so rapidly, won’t your remodel be out dated practically before you finish? Actually, you can replace most of these items without need for a complete re-do. Replacing a toilet, for instance, is really low cost. Lighting can also be changed with little effort or expense.

Ordinary people are recognizing that they need to get more integrated with their electronics. In the case of the bathroom, It is literally opening doors for those people while enabling them to feel the luxury of their own 10-star spa. Don’t mistakenly think of these features as simply luxury items. The future buyer of your home will most likely view smart technology products as essential, and any house without them might appear outdated. You don’t need to do all these upgrades at once, but if you are remodeling, think to the future.

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