Add Life to Your Walls with DIY Painting Techniques

Painting your walls is an easy home makeover that can have a great impact, but why settle for a basic paint job? These DIY painting techniques, from stencils to chalk paint to stripes, can add life to your NYC apartment!

Painting your walls is an easy home makeover. Why settle for a basic paint job, though? These DIY painting techniques will add new life to your New York apartment!

The Writing’s on the Walls — with Chalk Paint

Painting your walls with chalk paint is a fun way to encourage your family and guests’ creativity. Easy to apply and requiring minimal upkeep, chalk paint is extremely popular in NYC home decor right now. Colors range from classic black and green to just about any color you desire.

Not sure what to cover? Create a giant chalkboard wall in your kitchen (you’ll never lose your grocery list again!) or perk up a small powder room using colorful chalk paint. If you’re not ready to commit to a full wall, use painter’s tape to mark off a small area instead.

DIY Painting Techniques: Chalk

Image Source: Flickr/Dominick

Add Depth with Textured Paint Techniques

If your furniture is plain and neutral, consider a textured painting technique. Sponges, brushes, and rags are commonly used to create decorative paint techniques, and each will give a different effect. A wood grain tool is another way to create a completely unique look.

Whatever tool you choose, you’ll need to select two or more coordinating paint colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play around with the colors: use the darkest color first, then layer on the light color and vice versa.

DIY Painting Techniques: Sponge Painting

Image Source: Flickr/Abby Lanes

Accent Your Space with Stripes

Your walls are sure to stand out when striped! Stripes are varied and versatile. Bold stripes are the perfect entryway accent, whereas rainbow stripes will brighten a child’s room. They can be narrow or wide, horizontal, vertical, or even diagonal. Paint a single stripe or fill the wall.

For a striking look, choose contrasting colors; for a subtle effect, choose similar colors. One elegant way to use stripes is paint your stripes using glossy and flat formulas of the same shade.

Be Unique with Ombre

Do you want walls unlike anyone else’s? Paint them ombre! Ombre is most commonly seen in fashion and beauty: Picture summery maxi skirts dipped in blue, trendy hair styles with bleached ends, or even a gradient manicure. But ombre is just as beautiful covering your walls.

How to achieve the look? You’ll need three shades of paint from the same color family: light, medium, and dark. This ombre painting tutorial, from crafty NYC-based blogger Erica Domesek, will get you started.

DIY Painting Techniques: Wall Patterns with Stencils

Image Source: Flickr/Emily May

Mimic Wallpaper with Stencils

Whether your style’s completely classic or always on-trend, there’s a stencil for you. Stencils got a bad rap after being used in one too many ’80s country kitchens, but today’s choices are much more chic. You’ll find everything from geometrics to florals to ethnic patterns, such as Moroccan tiles or otomi.

You can purchase stencils everywhere, from your favorite New York craft store to Etsy. If you’re feeling especially creative, you can even create your own one-of-a-kind stencil.

Painting Tips to Keep in Mind

Whichever DIY painting technique you choose:

  • Practice on a small area before committing to the whole wall.
  • Always choose high-quality paint. It can make the difference between needing one coat or three.
  • Use the correct painting tools. If you’re not sure, ask a hardware store worker.

Don’t settle for a basic paint job! Use these DIY painting techniques to add life to your NYC apartment.

Main Image Source: Flickr/John Loo


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