Bedroom Interior Design Ideas on a Budget

Refreshing where you sleep with new bedroom interior design ideas can rejuvenate the space you use to relieve stress. With some smart bedroom interior design ideas, you can have a beautiful, economically designed bedroom.

Refreshing where you sleep in your NYC home with new bedroom interior design ideas can rejuvenate the space you use to relieve stress. Whether a spacious master suite or a small New York City–sized bedroom, there is nothing more comforting at night than to slip into a newly made bed with fluffed up pillows to get a good night’s sleep. With some smart bedroom interior design ideas, you can have a beautiful, economically designed bedroom.

Paint to Renew

Nothing will freshen up any room more than a fresh coat of clean paint. Paint is probably the easiest and most cost effective design idea for you to use to change the decor. Paint is for more than just the walls, ceilings, and trim. Try your hand at faux painting techniques, such as texture and ragging, to add new cracked or uneven looking walls. Instead of spending the money to buy new furnishings, make your existing furniture brand new with a paint job and new hardware. Even lampshades and bases can be updated with a coat of paint.

Swap Furnishings

Scan your other rooms for furniture that can make your bedroom decor look new. Perhaps an end table or small chest in the living room can be repurposed to look beautiful in the bedroom as a night table. Remember night tables do not need to be matching, so use your imagination to blend the decor. Place a desk on one side of the bed to use as a vanity. Throw pillows taken off of the sofa can add new life to the bed fashions.

Budget Shopping Finds

Check out local sales, thrift shops and home stores for great buys. Don’t be afraid of a small nick or missing knob on clearance items. You can find a great deal on furniture that you can easily fix with some sand paper and paint or by replacing missing hardware. Scour for artwork and mirrors. Framed mirrors can brighten up a wall and add some new interest and depth to a smaller room. Find inexpensive empty frames that you can paint and have mirrors fitted for them. Big box home stores are great places to find deals on lovely bedding sets as well.

Head of Bed Thinking

A headboard does not need to be what you would traditionally think. The headboard is the focus of the bedroom. When you walk into the room this is usually what you first notice as the frame for the bed. The head of the bed can be created by using found furnishings such as an old tri-fold mirror taken off of a vanity, painted, and attached to the wall or a beautiful folded screen unfolded to reveal a beautiful backdrop to place behind the bed. Place a decorative curtain rod about 12 inches down from the ceiling to stretch the width of your bed and hang drapes falling behind the bed to cover the wall. This will add softness to your bedroom decor. You can use the same drapery panels to flank either side of a bedroom window to tie the decor together.

Although company might not see behind your bedroom door, it is still important to keep the decor refreshed and comfortable. Have fun designing the bedroom in order for you to have a space to treasure moments of solitude in.

Image Source: Flickr/Meera Subramanian


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