Best Affordable NYC Neighborhoods to Call Home

Finding affordable NYC neighborhoods to live the wonderful New York City lifestyle is certainly a possibility. Along with the rise in the cost to buy or rent in the Big Apple, there are also cool, affordable areas opening up.

Finding affordable NYC neighborhoods to live the wonderful New York City lifestyle is certainly a possibility. Along with the rise in the cost to buy or rent in the Big Apple, there are also cool, affordable areas opening up as well. Whether searching for the family or seeking a first apartment as a recent college grad, in a city as big as New York there is room for everyone to find and enjoy affordable NYC neighborhoods to call home.

Crown Heights, Brooklyn

As Manhattan became more expensive to live in, people seeking to live the NYC lifestyle started expanding out into new, more affordable NYC neighborhoods. Brooklyn has gained in popularity making it now a location of choice. Along with this popularity has also been an increase in living costs, but there is still a Brooklyn neighborhood that has been deemed a great place to live, while also continuing to be affordable. Crown Heights has been called a top destination by AM New York for its mix of new and old structures that are keeping it cost effective. Hot places to eat, party, and shop make this neighborhood attractive to the younger set as well as singles and families. AM New York reported that one bedrooms go for a reasonable rent of $1,700 a month, and two bedrooms can be found between $2,300 and $3,000, depending on the area.

Astoria, Queens

Astoria in Queens has become an it place to move to both for its affordability and its proximity to Midtown Manhattan. Two subway lines make traveling without a car to a city job easy. And affordable apartments range in price from around $1,000 a month to $2,000, according to Cube Smart. Astoria is a wonderful place for Millennials looking for affordable housing and a great neighborhood for night life. Lively fun is found at the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden along with the many other restaurants and bars that are open late into the night for socializing.

Kingsbridge, Bronx

The Bronx may have been viewed as Manhattan’s forgotten neighbor to the north, but as people seek to discover affordable places to reside in within New York City, the lovely Kingsbridge with its hilly scenic streets and lovely 1,000-acre Van Cortland Park has been rediscovered. Highlighted in Curbed, Kingsbridge has won top rating for what one can get for their money, showcasing a two-bedroom apartment with “incredible views” for $1,975 a month. Quoted from a review in Street Advisor, “a quaint neighborhood that also features decent transportation into the city.” This is also a great place to reside in if you want to live in New York City but aren’t ready to give up your car.

Washington Heights

For those who want to stay as close to the hustle of Midtown as possible without leaving the borders of Manhattan then you should consider New York City’s Washington Heights neighborhood located on the upper West Side. This is one of the hot, popular neighborhood destinations with a growing art scene. According to AM New York, the average apartment rental price is $1,995. For your money, you will have a Manhattan zip code along with wonderful places to eat, party, and enjoy entertainment.


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