Best New York Coffee Shops: Upper East Side

Downtown is home to many trendy New York coffee shops. However, while it may take a little more searching, the Upper East Side actually has a great selection of cafes as well. Here are a few places to grab a great cup of joe above 59th street.

When it comes to New York coffee shops, the Upper East Side may not be the first neighborhood that comes to mind as having the best selection — downtown is typically the place to go to find a trendy coffee shop on every corner. However, while it may take a little bit of searching, the Upper East Side actually has a great selection of coffee shops as well. Here are a few places to get out of your NYC home and grab a great cup of joe above 59th street:

The newest New York coffee shop to hit the Upper East Side is Bluestone Lane, at 91st and Fifth. Perfectly situated next to The Guggenheim and across from Central Park, this uptown Bluestone Lane location is adjacent to a lovely historic church. The coffee shop retains that same classical church architecture, with vaulted ceilings and recessed nooks for seating, while still making a modern design statement with soft aqua tones and sandstone walls. The coffee and food selection here is stellar and based off of Australian coffee shop culture. There are tons of delicious things to eat and the best part is that all of the dishes are health conscious, without sacrificing flavor. Their coffee menu is expansive and this is the perfect place to pop into before heading out for a walk in the Park or a day at a museum.

Joe the Art of Coffee on Lexington Avenue is a great place to grab a superior cup of coffee. With several locations all over New York City and Brooklyn, Joe Coffee focuses on high-quality, fair, and traceable beans that produce a great tasting cup. Their overnight cold-brew is especially smooth and over ice, provides a refreshing treat on a hot summer day.

Le Moulin a Cafe is a French cafe on the Upper East Side that draws ex-pats from all over the neighborhood with its delicious croissants and wide selection of coffee drinks. The shop is spacious and rarely too crowded, making it a hidden gem that is far from the hustle and bustle of your typical NYC coffee shop. In addition to seating in the front of the cafe, Le Moulin a Cafe has a small sit down restaurant in the back where you can order traditional French fare like Croque Monsieur and quiche. They also have a wide selection of French groceries available for purchase, making this a truly perfect coffee shop for any Francophile.

Other great coffee shops on the Upper East Side include Cafe Jax, Sant Ambroeus on Madison Avenue, and Oslo Coffee Roasters. As you can see, the best New York coffee shops aren’t limited to downtown. While the Upper East Side isn’t specifically known for its coffee scene, there is no shortage of great places to fuel up uptown!


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