Best Stores for Home Organization to Keep Your NYC Abode Looking Beautiful

Home organization can be a challenge when living in New York City. Life in this wonderful city comes with some trade-offs. A large concession is giving up spacious living that you might have had in another location.

Home organization can be a challenge when living in New York City. You will find that living in this wonderful city comes with some trade offs. A large concession is giving up spacious living that you might have had in another location. It is important to be creative and find unique ways to keep a smaller place organized in order for the decor to look its best.

Home organization in the city means using every possible space — if you want to fit everything that you have accumulated over the years. Each square inch of wall, floor, and closet space can lend themselves to being organized in order to keep your home comfortable and looking beautiful.

  • Hang a broom and mop from wall hooks next to the refrigerator.
  • Install shelving around the perimeter of rooms at the top of the walls, above windows, and doors. This is a great place to keep towels, linens, out-of-season clothes, and extra bedding neatly folded and stored.

These are some great New York City stores to shop for home organization goodies:


The New York Times Building
620 8th Avenue (40th Street)
New York, NY
(212) 382-2300

Other NYC locations are in Chelsea, SoHo, and Cooper Square.

Sometimes when you organize, items will have to be kept neatly in plain sight. This is easy when shopping at MUJI, where you can find all sorts of wonderful storage boxes and cases. Stacking rattan baskets or tin boxes will add a touch of furnishing allure to your decor, while also providing places to keep your stuff organized and accessible. Consider stacking a few to do double duty working as an end table.


123 West 17th Street
New York, NY
(212) 461-1496

Stand alone shelving can be used for more than just books. Decorative shelving units allow you to line walls with lovely decor that can be used to organize your home. Use attractive boxes and baskets to put on shelves to store unsightly items. In the bedroom, sweaters and jeans can be neatly folded and stored on shelves. Add a small shelving unit hung on the wall over a toilet to keep towels neatly folded and store other bathroom items that can be neatly hidden away in boxes sitting on a shelf.

Rainbow Ace Hardware

1449 1st Avenue (between 75th Street & 76th Street)
New York, NY
(212) 288-4868

What better place to find all sorts of helpful organizational goods than at a hardware store. Rainbow Ace Hardware is more than just your average hardware shop. Browse their storage section to discover wonderful shelving units and storage boxes. Purchase a closet kit with double hung rods and shelving for shoes and accessories to optimize your closet and be perfectly organized. You will have fun walking through this store as you discover all sorts of organizational goodies from furnishings to bins and security boxes.


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