Bringing a New Puppy Home During the Holidays? It’s Not as Crazy as You Think!

Here’s why the holidays are the perfect time to bring a new puppy into your home!

While the holiday season is (hopefully) full of family, friends, cookies, and happiness, it can also be a very hectic time of year. Holiday parties, shopping for gifts, and finding time to decorate the house are just some of the many holiday-related tasks on most of our to-do lists.

So why would you throw “bring a new puppy home!” into the mix? From personal experience, here’s why it’s the best time of year to introduce a furry friend to your home:

Everyone’s home to help.


When we brought Ellie home, I had just graduated from college and moved back in with my parents, and my sisters were on an extended break from school. It gave us a few weeks of family time to help get Ellie accustomed to her new home and family.

Puppies look super cute when they pose with your home’s Christmas decor.


Enough said.

Puppies actually sleep… a lot.


Even though it’s true that puppies have lots of energy, it’s also true that they sleep a lot. Our family’s dog slept like a little angel all through Christmas morning while we were opening presents, and therefore didn’t get into any mischief. (Disclaimer: I’m not saying your puppy will be as perfect as mine…)

Puppies get really excited about Santa.


You get to re-live the childhood joys of Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) through the eyes of your sweet, innocent puppy!

Pictures of your puppy in the snow make for a great holiday card.

Season's Greetings! (1)

Are you considering bringing a puppy home for the holidays? Visit our friends at who we partnered with in our Homes for Dogs Project to help 20,000 dogs find their forever homes this year!

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