Homeward Bound: Puppy Comes Home

Learn what it takes to prepare your home for the newest (and furriest) member of your family!

Whether you finally gave in to your childrens’ seemingly endless requests for a puppy or came to the conclusion on your own, the time has come to finally bring a new member of the family home. And at Coldwell Banker Real Estate, we believe that a pet truly makes a house a home.

First thing’s first…home prep is key. That goes for not only inside, but also your yard. Here are some ways to pup-proof your home before Beethoven rolls over!

Training can begin right from get-go as the new member of your family becomes acquainted to her new home. Before bringing puppy inside the house for the first time, it could be a great exercise (literally) to take your new pup around the neighborhood for a few blocks to get her familiar with the sights and smells of her new environment. A little walk can relieve some your new little furball’s pent up energy that has been building up from the stresses of the move.


Image via Flickr user kitty.green66

Once inside, you may lead your newest family member on a tour of every room in the house to slowly get her acquainted with a new environment. This is the time to set boundaries to which furniture or areas are on or off limits. Let her know which furniture is okay by designating one spot as your pet’s area in the rooms she will be allowed. Make sure your puppy doesn’t get into bad habits of chewing your stuff by removing loose articles such as floor plants, decorations, shoes and clothing from the floor and out of reach of your new pup. Be aware of objects on tables and low furniture that are at tail level as well! If your little buddy does have a teething problem, try this trick out. 

In the rooms of your home themselves, be wary of tablecloths, draping window treatments or long chords which could be a strangulation hazard if puppy panics. You may also take preventative measures on your floors to make the inevitable first accident easier to manage. If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, stock up on products specifically designated for accidents from pets. Tile, linoleum or sealed hardwood floors with polyurethane are the most pet friendly floors for clean-up. Teach your kids to tidy up their toys and play areas by letting them know that it could be dangerous for puppy if they don’t clean up after themselves.

Stella Bella Blue puppy, day 1

Image via Flickr user Hubert Figuiere

Before bringing your new best friend into the yard, clean up any garden hoses, tools or toys hanging around outside that could be a hazard to an untrained puppy. Make sure doors to sheds or the garage where harmful chemicals or heavy machinery are normally stored are sealed off. Designate separate areas outside where your dog will be potty trained and where they will be eating their meals (weather permitting). Setting a consistent routine early on will set your puppy up on the path to success. The fence to your yard should be checked to make sure puppy can’t escape by checking for gaps around gates and fence sections aren’t large enough that she can poke her head through.

When your little bundle of (furry) joy comes home, it is imperative that you are prepared from day one. Set roles for your family for who will be in charge of feedings, walkings and everything else your puppy needs. But the most important thing to prepare for is the endless amount of love that will be entering your house when puppy strides through that front door for the first time!


Image via Flickr user Michael Gil



Haven’t found that perfect puppy yet?  Coldwell Banker has teamed up with Adopt-A-Pet to help 20,000 dogs find a home this year.  There is nothing like coming back at the end of the day to the excitement and love of “Homes Best Friend”.

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