Coldwell Banker Around the World: November 2022

Discover the colors of Provence among the legendary lavender fields. Walk through the narrow cobblestone streets of this vibrant village and taste the finest wines. It’s time to travel to the fanciest destination in the French Riviera – Saint-Tropez!

Discover the colors of Provence among the legendary lavender fields. Walk through the narrow cobblestone streets of this vibrant village and taste the finest wines. Spend your days admiring the endless beaches of the French coast, stone buildings, breathtaking landscapes, and heritage sites. Where, you ask? It’s time to travel to the fanciest destination in the French Riviera – Saint-Tropez!

Originally a peaceful fisherman and artist village turned sexy hot-spot, thanks to the movie “And God Created Woman” by Roger Vadim, with Brigitte Bardot in the leading role. At that time, Bardot was a sex-symbol and the emblem of the emancipation of woman and sexual freedom. This movie, shot on the beach “La Ponche” in the village, started her career and, more importantly, the notorious image of Saint-Tropez.

The newest Coldwell Banker France office has just opened its doors in the mesmerizing village of Grimaud, Saint-Tropez called Coldwell Banker Jager Immobilier. “Our goal is to help you transform your life into a dream, and make that dream a reality”, Marketing Assistant, Adinda Hottebart of Coldwell Banker Jager Immobilier. “So many people are dreaming of a home in the South of France, and we want to be the team to make that happen for our clients!” Read on to learn more! Perhaps you may want one too.

Where do you live: I live in the Bay of Saint-Tropez, in a picturesque medieval village called Grimaud.

What is the perfect weekend day like: I usually start off the weekend with a breakfast in my favorite bakery in the village, offering a view on the hills and the vineyards. Then I head off to the market on the Place des Lices in Saint-Tropez, where I get some groceries and local Provençal products for lunch. Saturday evening is time to laugh and share a good meal with some friends and family around a good bottle of French wine. Sunday mornings we get up early to find some interesting objects at the flea market in Cogolin. After all that, it is time to relax at the beach in Gigaro, La Croix-Valmer and enjoy a grilled fish, while listening to the waves and having our feet in the sand. I love finishing the weekend with a stroll between the vineyards while watching the sunset.

What are the common modes of transportation there: People get around in the area by cabriolets, Mini Moke or motorcycle. Those who are sportier could go by bike along the seaside or enjoy the boat shuttle while taking in some fresh air. 

Tell us about the foods your area is known for: Our region is mostly known for the “Tarte Tropézienne” which is a cake made from two layers of brioche with some cream in between. And, of course, for the wine-lovers we have some great locally made Rosé, such as Miraval, a famous wine house owned by Brad Pitt.

What is your favorite meal? At home or at a restaurant: My favorite meal is “Bouillabaisse”. A traditional fisherman’s soup made of the broth from some vegetables and the bones of a rockfish, served with some local fish and rouille, a spicy mayonnaise, on a grilled slice of bread. Lovely to share this meal with friends at “Chez Camille” in Ramatuelle.

Where do you recommend someone vacation in your region, why: The Gulf of Saint-Tropez has a lot to offer. If you like the seaside you can relax on the white beaches of La Croix-Valmer or Ramatuelle, do some snorkeling or stand-up paddle on the mesmerizing deep-blue waters of the bay. For those who prefer something more cultural and authentic, I recommend a visit to the medieval village of Grimaud or Gassin. Saint-Tropez is the place to be for the night owls amongst us and those who like a little gamble can go to the Casino of Sainte-Maxime.

What is your favorite recreational or leisure time activity: During my spare time I love to take a picnic on the boat in the “Baie the Canoubiers,” with a French baguette, cheese and of course a good bottle of Rosé from the Provence. If the weather is not convenient to go away with a boat, I love to go for a hike on the protected natural site, “Cap Taillat”, where the water is crystal clear, and the beaches are covered in white sand. A real paradise right around the corner!

Is there a specialty your area is known for: Saint-Tropez is mostly known for its custom and hand-made leather sandals from “Rondini”. The next-door village, Cogolin, is historically known for the tapestry which is highly demanded by palaces, ambassies, luxurious estates and yachts all around the world.

If you were to live in any other region where we have a Coldwell Banker presence, where would it be and why: Biarritz because of its large beaches, beautiful architecture, and the laidback lifestyle.

Key Facts:

  • Population: 4,867 in Grimaud; 3,851 in Saint-Tropez (which are multiplied by 10 during the summer)
  • Language(s) Spoken: French
  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • Currency: Euro

Industry Facts – Grimaud

Types of Architecture: On the countryside you might stumble into some old stone houses, whereas the Provencal architecture predominates on the seaside and is characterized by its colorful façades, arches and Mediterranean gardens.

Average Sale price: The price per m2 depends mostly of the view and its geographical location starting at 4,000 up to 12,000 €

Average years in house/apt: The selling price of a villa in Grimaud depends on its view and location, so ranges between 1 to 5 million €

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