Cultural Activities that Make New York City Living a Global Delight

Nowhere in the world can you discover the concentrated amount of diverse cultural activities that can be found in The City That Never Sleeps. Twenty-four hours a day one can step outside their New York City threshold and find cultural diversity.

Nowhere in the world can you find the amount of diverse cultural activities that can be had in The City That Never Sleeps. Twenty-four hours a day one can step outside their New York City threshold and find action that celebrates different cultures from around the globe. From museums, shows, and festivals to art and street performers, the Big Apple spreads its seeds in an effort to bring together talent and different ways of life for all to enjoy. Just take a walk in any direction from your abode and you can find different cultural activities to celebrate without leaving the city.

Home for All Nations

No other city in the world can boast to playing home to an actual headquarters that hosts just about every country on the planet. Right in the middle of the city is an international zone overlooking the East River that actually belongs to 193 member states. Just steps away from your own home the United Nations Headquarters is about maintaining peace and security throughout the world. Visitors are invited to take guided tours to see the building that serves as a peaceful environment for its councils to work tirelessly in their efforts to keep world peace. Tours are led in the UN’s six official languages of Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish, as well as other languages when requested, such as German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Swedish. The tour guides come from many countries to offer personalized presentations.

Italy and China Make Good Neighbors

Unique to New York City is the close proximity of its Chinatown and Little Italy. Nestled side by side on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, these two cultures coexist peacefully for each to share their own special tastes and cultures for all to enjoy. Chinese shops and emporiums offer lovely wears to purchase and you will receive a real taste of China with the many restaurants to choose from. After your trip to China, take a walk on the cobblestoned streets of New York City’s charming Little Italy. Mulberry Street plays center stage to delicious Italian delights to be enjoyed at the many cafes and restaurants. Celebrate in true Italian taste along with the locals at the famed annual Feast of San Gennaro.

Cultures Celebrated

NYC is home to a countless number of museums, centers, and societies that specifically celebrate individualized cultures. From the Jewish Museum and Irish Arts Center to the Japan Society and Asia Society to the beyond many numerous ethnicities that call the Big Apple home, one can spend every day learning about and celebrating another country and culture. Culture is so much more than something to be housed in a mere building in NYC. Parades, festivals, and street fairs take place throughout the year to rejoice the special qualities of different countries represented by their citizens that now call New York City home.

Times Square Takes Center Stage

New York City is famous for its Broadway theatrical productions. Cultures are celebrated in the form of a history of famed shows such as The Lion King, Hamilton, The Color Purple, The King and I, South Pacific, and countless others. Outside the theaters are tourists from all corners of the world intermingling peacefully as they tour Times Square taking in the excitement of NYC. As a New Yorker you have the luxury of taking a seat at a table to relax in one of the pedestrian plazas as you people watch. Take awe in the street performers with the Naked Cowboy leading the way as he strums his guitar.


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