Decorating a Nursery in New York City

Decorating a nursery is an exciting time in your life as you wait for your new addition to the family. Before heading out to shop, take pleasure in researching decor ideas to plan out your dream nursery.

Decorating a nursery is an exciting time in your life as you wait for your new addition to your NYC family. Before heading out to shop, take pleasure in researching decor ideas to plan out your home‘s dream nursery. There are many more options beyond pink for girls and blue for boys. When decorating a nursery, step outside of the norm for a unique place for baby to grow in.

Grow Up the Nursery Decor

Let the nursery grow up with your baby. Babies grow very quickly and before you know it, you will have a toddler. Keep this in mind when planning the nursery decor. Cute little teddies might look great adorning a wall for the baby, but you will then find yourself redecorating very quickly as your child grows and starts speaking for his or herself. When decorating a nursery make the decor fun but not babyish, so that you can transform it as your child grows. This way you probably will be able to hold off until middle school to redecorate beyond exchanging a crib for a bed.

Add Wall Interest

Skip the pink and blue and use some creativity with paint instead. An orangey, coral-type pink can work for boys as well, and blues come in so many hues that they can work beautifully for any nursery. Consider painting the room in a more neutral taupe color with one accent wall in a more lively color. Add geometric interest on the wall by painting overlapping squares and circles of different colors or get really creative painting a wall in a plaid pattern.

Simple Windows

Babies need to nap and parents crave quiet time. The windows should reflect this. Don’t place long curtains on the windows for babies to grab on and to gather dust. Black-out Roman shades will keep the sunlight out, look beautiful, and can be easily vacuumed. For safety precautions make sure any cords are not within reach of toddlers. If you want, place a valance as a window topper to add a pop to the decor.

Whether you have ideas already planned or are looking for inspiration, there are stores in New York City ready to help with beautiful decor and furnishings to delight you and your new bundle of joy.

Mini Jake
178 North 9th Street
Brooklyn, NY

Mini Jake is the place to go for everything from sleek contemporary nursery furnishings and cool decor to toys and baby gear necessities. Discover exciting wall art and fun lamps along with cribs that convert into junior beds and all of your bedding needs.

Albee Baby
715 Amsterdam Ave at the southeast corner of 95th Street
New York, NY

Albee Baby is another great store that is a one-stop destination for all of your baby decor and paraphernalia needs. This store has an array of designs to fit any taste, including sets complete with crib and dresser. Their nursery decor includes a beautiful selection of wonderful wall art as well.

NY Baby Store
33 West Fordham Rd
Bronx, NY

More on the traditional side, NY Baby Store has a wonderful assortment to choose from for all of your furniture needs. Check out their assortment of bedding and wall decals that will be easy to remove and change out as your child grows up.


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