DFW Design and Interior Painting Tips

Redesigning the interior of your house can give you the ability to refresh your look while incorporating your own personality. Consider adding unique DFW-themed pieces and easy-to-follow DIY interior painting tips to get a whole new feel to your home.

Many homeowners get a notion, every so often, to change up their decor. Fortunately, you don’t need to move into a new house to make your home feel brand new all over again. When you get the urge for change, consider some of these renovation and interior painting tips to give your home a whole new look, easily adaptable to fit any budget and space constraints.

One of the easiest room-refreshing projects a homeowner can do is to add some pieces that take inspiration from their surroundings. The DFW area enjoys a unique culture that blends the urban allure of the Big D with Fort Worth’s “where the West begins” vibe. Here are some ways you can channel this in your interior decorating:

Get Inspired

You can start by visiting Southfork Ranch, the setting of the legendary television program Dallas. After taking a tour of the property, spend time browsing through the gift shop. You’ll likely come away with several pieces that can become the focus of the rooms you’re planning to redesign — from Texas star wind chimes that can capture spring breezes to rustic paintings of the state flag.

Next, make a trip to the charming Fort Worth Stockyards to fully soak in the ambiance of the West. After enjoying the daily procession of the longhorn cattle and visiting some of the museums and other attractions, head for the Stockyards Station, a blend of tourist-oriented and locally grown venues chock-full of Western accents for your home. You can also find coffee table books to add your available design elements. Absorb as much of the atmosphere as possible to guide the rest of your room revamp.

Finally, start thinking about how to bring these elements together. The simplest answer may be to change up the boring monochrome white paint scheme so many houses sport. White, however, can still play an integral role in your overall design. Take advantage of a what your home already has — perhaps a red-brick fireplace, a paneled wall, a large bay window — and create a spotlight wall around it, choosing, perhaps, the brilliant blue of the state flag to best show off the Texas theme you desire.

Start Fresh

A fresh coat of paint is perhaps the easiest way to change the overall feel of a room. A few simple interior painting tips should get you started. First, head to a local hardware store, where you can carefully consider your color options. Next, prep your walls by removing existing nails and filling the holes left behind. Apply painter’s tape to mask surfaces and make sure your lines are clean and straight. Finally, it’s time to start painting. Use a paint/primer combo to ensure that you coat your walls as efficiently as possible. After just a few hours of painting, your room will have a brand-new look.

When it’s time to refresh your decor, consider how you might weave your own personality into your next home update — a little effort goes a long way, and you’ll love the final results.

Image Source: Flickr/Alan Cleaver


Tiffany wasn't born in Texas, but she got here as fast as she could. She and her husband have gained extensive experience buying, selling, renovating and flipping homes in the DFW area. A professional freelance writer, Tiffany enjoys contributing real estate and home improvement articles to the Coldwell Banker site and working with other clients to craft content that's specially designed to generate interest while sharing valuable ideas.

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