Dining Room Decoration Ideas

When it comes to dining room decoration ideas, it doesn’t matter whether you’re working with a full dining room with all the trimmings or a dining table fitted into a tiny living space. Smart decorating can take your dining space to the next level.

You may think you don’t need to think about dining room decoration ideas because you, like a lot of New Yorkers, don’t have a formal dining room. It doesn’t matter; whether you have a dedicated dining room in a classic 6 or brownstone, or you only have a dining table that abuts the edge of your living room, it still pays to make your dining area as beautiful and welcoming as possible. Doing so turns your dining room or dining area into an exciting and beautiful space versus nothing more than a pass-through.

Change Your Table

A dining table is a very personal thing. It’s where your family and friends gather to dine, laugh, do homework, do work work, and just about anything else that requires people to sit and be together. One great way to refresh your dining room is by changing the dining table. Need to make the area where the dining room sits appear more spacious? Get a glass dining table. It will instantly open up the room. Need to ground a larger space? A long, wooden, rectangular dining table will instantly create a solid, elegant space. Play around with different materials to determine the one that will enhance your space the best. If you’d really like to make a new statement, go really crazy and choose a round table! That would really change the dynamic in the room, and it would also make your dining room seem a lot bigger.

Change the Centerpieces

A centerpiece can help big time with dining room decoration. A giant tin pail filled with sunflowers says, “Welcome! Stay a while!” A sculpture is a great way to show off your exquisite taste. When choosing a centerpiece, consider choosing a theme that works with the art and decor in your space. It’s a great way to tie all the elements of your decor together.

Cover Your Chairs

If you’d like to change the look of your chairs but balk at buying expensive new ones, consider chair covers. Made from materials ranging from cotton duck to high-quality linen, chair covers are a relatively inexpensive way to instantly change the look of your dining room. It’s a great option when you change elements like your dining room’s paint color, but you’re not ready to tackle the big ticket items like buying new furniture.

Choose the Best Accessories You Can

The accessories you choose can make your dining room look really high end. Things like quality tablecloths made from the finest linens and expensive silverware and stemware can take your dining room from eating spot to high-end dining space. Shops like Schweitzer Linen and E. Braun & Co. are the places to go if you’re willing to shell out the cash for the very best, while discounters like Century 21 are the places to go to get the very best for the very least.


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