What Does My Dog Do When I’m Not Home?


We’re glad you asked.


Usually your dog starts the day off by checking some very impawtant emails.


“Hello, I am currently out of the office….”

Then, your dog likes to take a nice relaxing shower before taking on the day…


So. Relaxed. Can’t. Move.

…followed by a hearty breakfast.


Nom nom nom.

Gobbling up a delicious meal takes a lot of effort, so pretty shortly after eating, it’s nap time!


But not without my favorite blanket!

Then your dog likes to invite friends over, because otherwise, what’s the point of having the house to yourself?


After playtime, it’s time for your pup to catch up on all of his or her favorite shows.

giphy (1)

Animal Planet rocks..

Just when your dog thinks his day can’t get any better…

mefzx (1)

You come home!

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Header image via DogShaming; GIFs via Giphy & IMGFlip

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