Pet Adoption: Dallas Animal Lovers To the Rescue

Learn how adopting pets from animal shelters and rescue organizations helps reduce the homeless pet population. Find out which pet types are most in need of a loving home. Know what health services animal shelters offer at discounted prices.

According to pet lovers, there’s nothing more emotionally satisfying than rescuing an animal in need of a home through pet adoption: Dallas residents are wonderfully capable of seeing the potential in homeless animals, if the number of shelters and organizations in the North Texas area is any indication. Giving a homeless animal a warm and loving place to live in an era of puppy mills and designer dogs can be one of the most conscientious and beautiful acts that a potential pet owner can choose to engage in.

Animals in Numbers

It’s no stretch of the imagination to suggest that animal shelters and rescue organizations are in the non-profit business of saving lives. While approximately as many animals are adopted from shelters as are purchased from commercial breeders, an overpopulation of homeless animals still haunts the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With statistics proving that every unfixed, feral animal is capable of producing at least one litter a year, overpopulation lays a fertile breeding ground for animal shelters to provide much-needed pet adoption services.

Adopt an Animal in Need

Some shelter animals have a harder time finding their forever homes than others. These critters, more often than not, are the most needy of adoptable animals and offer a great opportunity for potential pet owners to extend a charitable paw. Historically, black dogs have been looked over so much when it comes to adoption that the phenomenon has acquired a name: Black Dog Syndrome (BDS). Choosing to adopt a black or dark-colored dog can improve the perception of these pets within society and sharing knowledge about this subconscious prejudice can help educate others about prevailing attitudes.

Elderly dogs may also face challenges in home placement because many shelter visitors assume that older animals have landed in a rescue organization because of behavioral problems. In reality, pets who are a little long in the canine tooth often have the best behavior of all shelter animals due to previous command and housebreaking training. Second Hand Seniors, a sheltering program in Greenville, Texas, specializes in placing aging dogs in loving homes for the rest of their golden years. Most of these dogs’ previous owners have entered nursing homes, passed away, or no longer posses the resources to care for their best, furry friends. Similarly, abused, feral, and disabled animals need special attention and require particularly loving homes in which to thrive. The Animal Rescue League in Flower Mound, Texas, caters to rehabilitating abused animals and inspires the inner-nurturers of pet lovers to rub cold noses with creatures in need of big hearts.

Mix It Up With a Mixed Breed

While adopting purebred animals remains a popular choice because of the attractive adoption costs that rescue organizations offer, mixed breed animals are the most common type found in shelters. Rescuing a mixed breed puppy or kitten is a conscientious decision, as it cuts down on the profitability of unscrupulous puppy mills and other commercial animal breeding enterprises. With about a fourth of the animals in shelters fitting the description of “purebred,” these organizations remain good sources for potential pet owners who would like a pedigree animal for reasons of temperament or preference.

Animal Shelter Services

Local rescue and animal shelters often offer more services than just pet adoption: Dallas organizations dedicated to saving and serving needy animals can provide popular health services at discounted prices, as well. Vaccinations, heartworm and flea treatment, spaying, neutering, and even microchipping are all services commonly administered by shelters. Some shelters may even lead obedience training for particularly young and stubborn — yet still completely fetching — pets.

Image Source: Flickr/Dan Queiroz


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