Doggy Day Care in Dallas

Find out what to look for in a doggy day care when you’re planning on a vacation and entrusting a business or individual with your pet. Learn the differences between doggy day cares, spas, and in-home care services.

Finding the right doggy day care to entrust with your pet while you’re on vacation can require a bit of effort on your part, but it can leave your furry friend barking with joy. To determine whether you should leave your dog with a boarding facility, a pet resort, or simply within another home, carefully consider his needs.

Pet Day Cares and Boarding Facilities

While leaving your dog for any amount of time can be difficult to do, the task can be made easier if you find a trustworthy individual or business to care for your pet. To begin your search for the perfect place to board your dog for an extended period, first look to doggy day cares. Many of these facilities offer basic doggy hotel or boarding services that make the transition to a longer stay easy. These businesses are often better for a pet’s physical and psychological health than kennels, as they allow pets to engage in play with other animals in large spaces and offer individualized care routines. For example, Camp Bow Wow provides dogs in its charge with comfy extras like cots, blankets, and treats.

Rest and Relaxation for Your Dog

Doggy day cares are designed with your pet’s rest and relaxation in mind. Sometimes billed as “spas” or “resorts,” these businesses can pamper your pet to his heart’s content while you’re away. If your pet needs a break from the stress of moving, a home with new members in it, or taxing external factors like street construction, a doggy day care can provide him with a brief respite from a tense environment. Look for businesses with premier services for the ultimate in pet indulgence. Pet Resort Dallas, for instance, advertises climate-controlled indoor and outdoor play areas, custom sanitation, and regular air exchange to keep your pet comfortable and healthy throughout his stay.

In-home Doggy Day Care

While many doggy day cares have been created to support a pet’s comfort, some animals aren’t suited to commercial, communal environments or the travel involved in arriving at the business. For pets who fit this description, an in-home boarding program can provide a quick and convenient solution. These businesses offer a great alternative for dogs that would do well to stay in a home environment with round-the-clock supervision. Since many in-home dog sitters are individuals rather than part of a staff, it can be a good idea to meet with your dog’s potential sitter for a face-to-face interview. Bring your pet to ensure that your dog gels with the pet sitter and any other animals within the home and gives his tail-wagging stamp of approval for signing up for services.

Research and Planning

Before leaving your dog in any one doggy day care, perform your due diligence and research potential care facilities to verify that they meet basic standards of cleanliness. Ensure that the home or business provides comfort and security for your pet. Assess the professionalism of staff or pet sitters by asking about their experience and credentials. Observe how they interact with other pets at the facility. Take note of other animals within the facility and determine if their sizes, breeds, genders, or personalities would pose a threat to your pet. Don’t be afraid to ask questions: Inquire about typical routines, feeding, and walking schedules, and any customized care or individualized attention that your pet may receive while in their charge. Consider asking for referrals. The goal is to ensure that every potential source of stand-in care can pass the sniff test with you and your furry best friend.

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