New York City Dogs: Living the New York City Lifestyle with Your Dog

New York City dogs are just like their humans, living a unique lifestyle that only the city offers. Living in NYC with your furry friend can be fun and thrilling, creating a comfy place to live as well as a place to find exciting adventures.

New York City dogs are just like their humans, living a unique lifestyle that only the city offers. Living in NYC with your furry friend can be fun and thrilling, creating a comfy place to live as well as a place to find exciting adventures. From dog-friendly shops and restaurants to doggy daycares and playgrounds, New York City dogs certainly have an enjoyable standard of living in the city that never sleeps.

Doggy Dwelling

New York City hosts many dog-friendly apartment buildings and pet-friendly hotels, so whether you’re just visiting or seeking to make the city a permanent home, there are plenty of places to choose to reside comfortably with your dog.

  • Make the home comfortable by providing a small area for doggy to call his or her own. Place a cute little dog house or a bed with a basket of your pup’s favorite toys.
  • Have fun, interactive toys that will keep your dog from getting bored by providing exercise and fun when inside your home alone.
  • Circulate and give your dog new toys for fresh indoor excitement.
  • Stick to a routine that includes specific bathroom walks and feeding times. Have a dog walker or sitter to call if you’re away from home for a long day at work.
  • Choose to live in an apartment building that provides its own pet services.

The Spot Experience is specifically partnering with residential developers to create onsite pet services. Your dog can have cage-free daycare, walking, grooming, and training, as well as webcam access for pet parents. Spot pet-care services are now provided in the beautiful Sliver Towers as well as the luxurious Mercedes House.

Doggy Excursions

Just taking a walk outside with your dog offers many places to meet up and enjoy fun with other dogs and their humans. The Big Apple offers an array of dog-friendly parks that provide a place for dogs to run and play off leash to give them exercise. New York City is also filled with restaurants and stores that welcome dogs with their owners.

  • NYC Parks provide exclusive spaces that cater to doggy fun throughout the five boroughs. Discover dog runs and places for pups to play off-leash and where their humans and dogs can meet and greet new friends.
  • Spend a day shopping in New York City’s fine stores with your doggy child. From small boutiques to major department stores you will be surprised at how many dog-friendly shops there are. Bloomingdales is well known for welcoming dogs, where you will always find happy dog parents shopping with their leashed pets. Bloomies even showcases a dog as their loyalist logo.
  • Enjoy a day of walking the city. Begin in exciting Times Square and head down to the village. Cross over the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to enjoy some time viewing the skyline on the promenade.
  • Take a dog-centric tour. Stray Boots offers New York City dogs and their dog loving humans a BarkPost Central Park tour for a “dog-themed adventure.” The two-mile tour begins at The Guggenheim and works its way by the Met, the Conservatory Waters, and Grand Army Plaza.
  • Head to a beach in Brooklyn specifically made for dogs. Prospect Park has a great dog beach. This is not a beach of sand but with crafted cement to appear like a sandy beach that runs into a section known as the pools, a beautiful fenced in section of lake for the dogs to swim and play during off-leash hours.


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