6 DIY Projects to Make Your Dog Feel More Comfortable at Home

These DIY projects are pawsitively fabulous

From the moment you brought that cuddly pup into your house, it just felt right. He greets you by the door, he rests with you on the couch, he snuggles up to you in bed—when he’s there, you’re home. Which is why these 6 impressive dog lovers came up with home upgrades to please their pets, and make them feel just as comfortable and loved as their owners. If your dog makes your house a home, take a look, and see how you can return the favor!

Dog Washing Station

Image: Hometalker S.J. Janic Company, Inc./ S.J. Janic Company, Inc.

When you’ve got a dog (or two) in the family, bathtime becomes an Olympic event. Anything that can make washing more comfortable for you and your dog is a downright miracle. That’s why this happy family added its own dog-washing station, complete with pull-out stairs, made just right for canines. (Learn more about this project)

Doggy Throne

Image: Hometalker Jenise/ DIY Fun Ideas

 To keep her pup Lily out of the laundry basket, this crafty pet lover gave her a special place to call her own. And there’s no way any dog could forget her place in your heart, with a setup like this! Pull this fancy throne beside your comfy chair, for some living room relaxation time for two. (Learn how here)


Pooch Porch Hangout

Image: Hometalker Roechelle/ DIY Show Off

Imagine the scene: Sunday morning relaxing on the porch, a great book in your hand, delicious coffee nearby, and a lounging pup at your side. This dog bed repurpose includes a parasol, so that puppy gets just enough sun. Resting together is the perfect way to enjoy a lazy weekend. (Learn more here)

Leash Holder

Image: Hometalker Dawn/ By Dawn Nicole

 Your dog wants to go out, but his leash is nowhere to be found. It could be anywhere from under the couch to behind the bookshelf. To solve that timely dilemma, this dog lover made sure that finding the leash was as easy as finding her keys, so that puppy knows he can go for a stroll whenever nature calls. (Learn how to make it here)

Silhouette Canvas

Image: Hometalker Karah/ The Space Between

Add your lovable friend to your family’s gallery wall of happy moments, even if they won’t sit still for a picture, by creating customized canvas art. This pet lover’s masterpiece is a great way to bring your beautiful dog into your design, and to introduce visitors and guests to your sweet household. (Instructions here)

Feeding Station for Tall Dogs

Image: Hometalkers Jacque and Matt/ The DIY Village

 If you’ve got a big dog, meal time can be a bit of a workout, with those low food and water bowls. Give your friend a comfortable tabletop, like this thrifty DIYer, by turning some old kitchen chairs into adorable doggy feeders, not to mention chic home decor. (Learn how to DIY here)

For more inspirations and tutorials to make your pup feel at home, take a look at Hometalk’s Pets and Animals topic page!



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