6 DIY Pet Supply Organizers That Will Look Great in Your Home

The cat’s out of the bag. Hometalk spills their top DIY pet supply organizing projects.

Can you honestly say that you’re happy with your pet supply organization at home? Don’t worry — you can love your pets, but hate dog food bags stowed in the corner, or coiled leashes on your coffee table. Like people, pets have lots of stuff, but unlike people, they don’t quite know how to keep it tidy. Lucky for them, you do, and with these 7 DIY organizing ideas, you can!

Re-purrrposed Dresser

Dresser for cats

Image: Hometalker Jasmin / Gypsy Barn

If you’ve already got an unused dresser, or you know a good thrift shop nearby, make your kitties a feline heaven, complete with lounging space, private litter area, and drawers for their favorite things. (See how it’s done here)

Multi-purpose Crates

Pet Crates

Image: Hometalker Paula / Sweet Pea

If you’re looking for a stackable solution to organize and save space at the same time, try these organizing crates with chalkboard labels. DIY your own or repurpose some you’ve already got, to add the perfect storage bins to a corner of your pantry or closet. (Here’s how they’re made)

Stylish Food Storage

DIY Cat Food Container

Image: Hometalker Maggie / Polka Dots in the Country

Pet food boxes and bags aren’t the most attractive home decor, so why not add a little style to your storage? Make your own pet food buckets, for a chic organization method that’s not only easy to use and refill, but looks great even when it’s just left out on the counter. (Learn how to do it here)

Organized Feeding Station

DIY Pet Feeding Station

Image: Hometalker Beca / Creative Dominican

Add a raised feeding station to your home, with plenty of room underneath for food containers. Keep everything organized, with sweet labels or name tags, so that your fur baby gets the meal it likes best. (Building directions are here)

Designer Litter Center

Litter station

Image: Hometalkers Denise and Leslie / Chaotically Creative Co.

You can hide an unsightly litter box in plain sight, by adding a pet-accessible area to a regular storage cupboard. Just because you’ve got a closet full of pet supplies, doesn’t mean it has to look like it’s gone to the dogs. (See how they did it here)

Coat, Key, Leash Rack

Leash Hook

Image: Hometalker Kathleen / Dreaming of DIY

If you’re starting every walk with a hunt for the leash, you need a leash organizer. Hang a coat rack near your door, or, for added organizing motivation, add a special pet-themed leash rack. You can even add a cute plaque or label marking your pet’s name below his leash. (Here’s how!)

If you want more great DIY pet ideas, check out all the how-to’s and inspirations on Hometalk!

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