Organizing a Small Closet: How to Maximize Your Space!

If you live in a tiny New York apartment, chances are you could use more closet space. Our tips for organizing a small closet — from purging to planning to staying organized — will help you make the most of your existing space!

You live in New York, so chances are you could use more closet space. Our tips for organizing a small closet will help you make the most of your existing space!

Clean Out Your Closet

Any successful organization project begins with a purge. There’s no point in wasting space on things you never use, right?

Start by emptying out your closets and grouping all the like items (clothes, books, games, etc.) together. Take a little time to look at each item individually and decided whether or not you want to keep it. Ask yourself when the last time you wore that blouse was or if you ever play that game. Try not to be too sentimental and get rid of as much as possible.

Do you need a little help getting motivated? We recommend the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This quick read will have you questioning why you’ve held onto that ratty sweater for so long in the first place!

Organizing a Small Closet: Books

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Make a Plan

Before you put everything back in your closet, give each item its own place. Take a few minutes to sketch out a simple closet plan.

If your closet only has one clothing bar, add another underneath to double the hanging space. Go vertical and add additional shelves up high, if possible. You can even hang items on your closet walls to maximize space.

Plan on keeping similar things together. When you search for these items later, you’ll know where to look. You’ll also want to make sure everything is visible, otherwise you’ll forget all about those hidden treasures. Store out of season clothes and other seasonal items under your bed to make more space.

Organizing a Small Closet: Make a Plan

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Choose the Right Storage Tools

The next step in organizing a small closet is selecting the right storage tools.

Thin, flocked hangers are perfect for a tiny space. They take up minimal room and their texture keeps your clothes from slipping off. Plastic bins will keep similar items accessible. Decorative hooks add fun and function to your closet walls.

Before investing a lot of money in new storage tools, take a look around your apartment to see what you already own. Baskets are perfect for holding scarves and socks (add labels so you know what’s in them), unused glasses can hold makeup brushes, and empty spice jars can hold small office supplies like paper clips or push pins. Even empty boxes can be used to keep your space organized.

Make sure to label storage bins and keep the items you use most within arms reach.

Organizing a Small Closet: Choose the Right Hangers

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Keep It Up

After spending all this time organizing a small closet, don’t forget to keep it up. Spend a few minutes every evening putting everything back in its place, and you’ll never be disorganized again!

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