In Honor of National Dog Day

Dogs are more than just pets, they’re family. In honor of National Dog Day here are some “pupdates” from dogs who were finally given “forever homes” and their very own families.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

For centuries dogs have been hailed as “man’s best friend”, but they are so much more than that. With the devotion, loyalty and uncompromising open heart they present to all, dogs shine a mirror back to us humans and give us something noble to aspire to – to love unconditionally.

Dogs are more than just pets, playmates and faithful companions. They’re more than just running partners, vacuum machines and sleeping buddies. They are all of those things and more. They are family.

As members of the “family”, dogs without a doubt make whatever house they’re in feel more like home. Unfortunately, thousands of dogs aren’t lucky enough to have a human family or even a house to call home. That’s why starting in 2015 we successfully helped find forever homes for 20,000 dogs by working with

In honor of National Dog Day, here are some “pupdates” from dogs who were finally brought into forever homes within the past few years.

Cici, the Sharpei/German Shepherd Mix

In 2014, my fiancé and I sent an email to See Spot Rescued in Jersey City with a request to see a little puppy that had recently come into their shelter. After a conversation with a member of their staff, they suggested that we instead meet with “Joyce DeWitt” (Cici), who was described as the sweetest dog ever but was having a hard time finding a home because of her “fighting dog” appearance.

While we’re sad she had to wait so long, we’re kind of glad she did, because we couldn’t picture our home without this goofy and endlessly affectionate pup. Cici enjoys playing fetch, eating treats and finding new weird positions to sleep in.

Thor, the Blue Weimaraner

“We found Thor online and fell in love with him as the current owner had a photo of him with goggles on and his smile and big ears. They had to give him up and we spent an entire day with the couple as they wanted to make sure he was going to a good home. When we came by the next morning to pick up Thor, without hesitation he jumped in our SUV and stuck his head out the sunroof and was ready to go. The owners were crying, and we started crying.  But it was good tears as all knew he had found his next best friends and the right home.” – Budge Huskey

Daisy, the Rat Terrier Mix

“This little rescue girl is a heaven sent gift. Someone put her out with babies on the way and we found her while visiting family out of town. One look in her sweet brown eyes and I knew she was special. We bathed her, quick trip to the vet and off we went on a 6 hour drive back to Alabama! She has been the sweetest dog we could ever wish for.

We are so thankful for our little one ear up/one down rat terrier mixed with who knows what precious girl, Daisy. She is gentle, quiet, affectionate, loves chasing squirrels and one look in her soft brown eyes will melt your heart. She was such a comfort to my daughter after her recent surgery and is her very best friend. I would say that we were the ones rescued.” – Dana King

Ginger, the Australian Shepherd

“Last November we heard about a 4 year old Australian Shepherd who needed a new home. Her current family was going through some difficult times and could no longer care for her. Our 10 month old Australian Shepherd, Diego, needed a friend so we met Ginger (now nick-named Gingerale by our Grandson) and decided to bring her home. Here are the two just minutes after we brought Ginger home! ” – Cindy Spencley

Harley, Mateo and Cody, the “three amigos”

“I have 3 wonderful rescued pups. Each one has a very different back story, but could not be happier with each other and their forever homes.” – Joe Stanfield

Leo, the future therapy dog

“This is my dog LEO.  I adopted him 2 years ago. His 3 legs make him somewhat unique – and I thought he would make an amazing therapy dog.  And he will be .  In the meantime, he loves the Lake and swimming, loves to run with me,  loves his kitty sisters, the family, and is one fabulous dog.  His bright brown eyes tell the whole story.” – Debbie Newton

Kira the Boxer/Pit Bull Mix

“We adopted Kira (pronounced like Keira Knightly) from Pinellas County Animal Care Services 2 years ago and have been in love ever since!” – Melissa Honeycutt


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