Entertaining Tips for Small Space Living

Residing in a bustling city like New York often means small space living will be a necessity. But this shouldn’t stop you from hosting parties with friends! Here are some tips and tricks you can use to entertain with ease in a small space.

Living in a bustling city like New York often means residing in a small space, but this shouldn’t stop you from hosting get-togethers with friends. There are plenty of ways to pull off a successful party in a petite apartment. Here are some entertaining tips for small space living.

Make Seating Available

Make sure to provide plenty of seating so that everyone feels comfortable and can relax. Get creative! Ottomans, poufs, stools, and upholstered benches that serve one purpose during the day can double as extra seating when guests come over. Stow away extra throw pillows so there’s plenty of room on the couch for guests to get comfortable.

Use Trays

Remember that trays are a useful accessory. Not only are they wonderful for corralling items in everyday decor, but they’re perfect for serving guests. In a small space, you may not have the room for a bar cart, so you can construct a cute bar tray instead. You can even make two and put them in different locations at your party. Put drink bottles, mixers, cocktail napkins, an ice bucket, a bottle opener, and whatever else you can think of on the tray to create a little “drinks station.” On a different tray, you can set up a snack station.

Keep It Simple

Small space living usually means living without a formal dining table, so when it comes to entertaining, don’t feel the need to attempt an elaborate, formal sit-down dinner. Instead, let things be more relaxed and casual. Set out bowls of quality snack foods, nuts, and fruit, and let everyone serve themselves and eat what they please. Leave out small plates and napkins so people can walk around and chat while they eat. This way, the oven won’t be on (which might make the apartment uncomfortably warm), and you can mingle and enjoy the party instead of stressing out in the kitchen. You can also pick up cute food items like mini cupcakes that guests are sure to find charming and delicious — no need to cook everything yourself. In a small space, where the proportions of the room pose a bit of a challenge, it’s best not to heap on other challenges. Keep it simple!

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Instead of trying to disguise the size of your apartment when entertaining, play up the petite proportions by creating a cozy, intimate atmosphere. String up fairy lights, light a few subtly scented candles, and play soft background music. Weather permitting, open the windows so there will be a light, fresh breeze. Create an inviting mood within your space, and it will make guests feel like they’re somewhere special.

Add Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are a lovely addition to any space, and especially welcome when planning a get-together. You can buy well-priced blooms at almost any bodega or grocery store in the city — no need for pricey flowers from a florist! For bouquets with a simple and elegant look, arrange only a single type and color of flower in each vase (feel free to use a glass cup or mason jar as a vase). Scattering the arrangements around the apartment will spruce up your space with minimal time and effort.

The key for entertaining while living in a small space is to do everything you can to keep your event simple and stress-free. This way, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself, and your guests will follow suit.


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