Tips for Decorating a Studio Apartment

Decorating a studio apartment is all about maximizing storage space while also creating a comfortable, warm, and welcoming environment for yourself and guests. If you effectively organize the space and make it your own, a studio can be a great home.

If you’ve recently moved into Manhattan, you may need tips for decorating a studio apartment. Studios are blank slates, so it’s all about maximizing storage space while also creating a comfortable, warm, and welcoming environment you’ll be happy to come home to each night.

Optimize Furniture Placement

The first step is furniture placement. Try to position your bed as far away from the front door as possible, so it’s not the first thing that guests see when they come to your apartment. When arranging furniture, do your best to create little “zones.” You can make a bedroom zone, a living room zone, a desk zone, and whatever else you need — perhaps an eating zone with a table and chairs, or a zone for getting ready in the morning with a vanity or armoire.

Divide and Conquer

This brings up the next important point: division of the space. If possible, get a room divider to separate the “bedroom” from the main living area. Ikea’s Kallax bookshelf is absolutely perfect for this purpose, as it serves double duty by dividing the room and providing storage space while still allowing light to shine through to fill the apartment. If the Kallax won’t fit, try finding an attractive folding screen — often flea markets will have lovely vintage versions. If you place this on the side of your bed, it will visually divide the bedroom zone from the rest of the apartment without blocking a lot of light or creating a bulky wall.

Maximize Space with Multipurpose Furniture

Try to choose furniture that can serve double duty. The Ikea Kallax bookshelf mentioned above is a great example of this. You can also find a desk that has space for serving as an eating area, a dresser that doubles as a TV stand, or a desk that works as a nightstand. A soft ottoman or pouf can serve as extra seating when guests come over, or even be used as a coffee table if you place a large tray on top of it. A stool can hold books or a vase of flowers, and then also be extra seating as well.

Control Clutter with Clever Storage

After you have your furniture placed, your zones created, and a divider in place, another important tip for decorating a studio apartment include maximizing storage to keep things organized. Underbed boxes are essential for storing off-season clothing and anything else you don’t need to access frequently. Baskets are an attractive way to corral items. If you’ve used the Ikea Kallax for room division, you can purchase baskets to fill the bottom squares and store anything from desk supplies to clothing and bedsheets. Baskets can also be placed on the side of a couch or underneath furniture that has an open bottom (such as a coffee table).

Now you’re free to make the space your own! Choose art, decorative accessories, and bedding that you absolutely love. Don’t be afraid to use color, texture, and pattern, as these three elements can really bring a small space to life. Overall, try to maximize not only your storage, but also the personality of your studio apartment. If you create a warm, happy, and organized environment, its small size will be the last thing you notice.


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