Use Throw Pillows to Update Your Outdoor Living Space

Redo your outdoor living space on a budgett by sprucing it up with new throw pillows. With bright colors and fun patterns that make it feel like summertime, you can change the look of your patio or deck cheaply and quickly.

If you want to redo your outdoor living space on a budget, start by sprucing it up with new throw pillows. With bright colors and fun patterns that make it feel like summertime, you can use pillows to quickly and economically change the look of your patio or deck. Gone are the days when simply having nice cushions padding your outdoor furniture was enough for Metroplex homeowners. The reality is, most outdoor furniture isn’t as comfortable as indoor chairs and sofas. Pillows add extra cushioning to make your guests feel cradled in comfort. Here are five tips on incorporating throw pillows into your outdoor decor.

1. Materials matter, so choose carefully. You can find a variety of throw pillow styles, colors, and prints in weather-resistant material at Dallas-Forth Worth retailers or online. Even if your outdoor living area is protected from the sun and rain, be sure to choose styles that resist fading and bounce back if they end up getting wet.

2. Mix up sizes and shapes. This bedroom style has migrated to the deck — look for rolls, rounds, rectangles, and more to add some interest to your sitting space.

3. Arrange your pillows. Where you place pillows on your outdoor furniture depends on your style. Go traditional by placing a throw pillow or two at either end. For a modern look, prop a pillow up centered in the middle of each cushion. On long sofas, arrange your decorative pillows layered at an angle across the back on one side.

Outdoor pillows

4. Pick your patterns. The latest trend in decorating your bedroom with throw pillows is not to be too obsessed with matching your cushions. Choose a coordinating pattern or pretty contrasting or neutral colors to create a new look in your outdoor living space. You can even combine patterns. The trick is to make sure one of the two prints is subtle enough to be set against bright stripes or bold damasks. If you have neutral cushions, go with bright stripes in turquoise, lime green, orange, and magenta to brighten up your outdoor living area. This color combo looks nice if you have lots of flowering plants that coordinate with the colors of your pillows. If you want to add a Texas accent to your patio decor, you can use pillows that depict a stylized version of the Dallas skyline or a custom Lone Star State print.

Outdoor furniture with pillows

5. Think beyond the couch. Don’t limit throw pillows to your outdoor chairs, sofas, and swings. Add a few comfy pillows to the benches or brick seating area around your fire pit. It will make the space look warm and inviting, and during the winter months, your guests can sit on them to keep away the chill of the wood or brick.

They might seem like a minor detail, but outdoor throw pillows make a great investment for your outdoor living space. Changing your throw pillows allows you to update your patio or deck decor inexpensively, so you can keep the same furniture cushions for years before you buy new ones. It’ll keep your outdoor retreat looking fashionable and comfortable.

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