Decorative Throw Pillows: Your Quick and Simple Guide

If you’re looking to add some new decorative throw pillows into your home’s decor, read on. While there’s no definitive guide to using throw pillows, we’ll give you some quick tips to try to instantly update your living room and beyond.

If you’ve had your eye on some new decorative throw pillows, but you’re not sure how to work them into your DFW home, read on. We’ll give you a fast and easy overview — no home decorator needed.

Stick with a Simple Palette

When you select decorative throw pillows in a base of primary colors, you have the freedom to explore with different shapes and sizes. Want to mix things up with a long rectangular pillow and a few oval-shaped pillows or even some funky triangular pillows? It all flows when the color palette coordinates.

If You Go Floral, Go All the Way

You might think a combination of floral prints will clash on your couch, but the opposite is actually true. Floral always flows. But if you get the vibe that a pair of flowery pillows isn’t working well together, add in a third or fourth floral print. The result will be a sofa that’s classy and stylish.

Pick a Theme

Are you really into chevron or tribal prints? Embrace the theme with your decorative throw pillows. The idea is to create a cohesive look that pulls your entire room together. Pillows are an easy way to unite your room’s decor, art, and curtains.

Add Some Flair …

There’s nothing like a fluffy pillow in a bold color or print to add some drama to an ordinary chair or sofa. But think beyond bright, vibrant colors and look for pillows with interesting details such as lace, sequins or, always popular in Texas, burlap pillows.

… But Not Too Much Flair

Unless you’re going for an all-out eclectic look, don’t overdo it with the bold colors and patterns. When it comes to decorating with pillows, you’re best off to stick with one print and one solid. Though simple, this mix has a big impact. Think about pairing opposite colors such as green and yellow against a neutral backdrop.

Play With Patterns

If your eye is naturally drawn to prints and patterns, don’t be afraid to mix and match. The key, though, is to incorporate one bold print with one smaller pattern. This way the two prints won’t be competing and will work together to add some personality to your couch.

There you have it — a quick guide to decorating with throw pillows. Go on and try a few of these ideas. The great thing about pillows is that they can easily be changed. If you want to DIY it and change up the look of your pillows, here’s a great tutorial.

Image Source: Flickr/HomeSpot HQ


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