Garage Styles See Big Changes in DFW

Garage styles now are a far cry from the day when they simply housed a vehicle, a lawn mower, and a pile of clutter. Today’s garages are larger, finished out, and include handy built-in organization systems to keep everything in its place.

In prior decades, garages were simply a spot to put a vehicle, a lawn mower, and any clutter that you just didn’t know where else to put. Today’s garage styles in Dallas-Fort Worth have come a long way — they’re larger, more finished, and include handy built-in organization systems to keep everything in its place.

“Garages have changed to fit our outdoor lifestyles,” said Sidney Curtis, manager of Buzz Roofing & Construction in Fort Worth, which provides home remodeling and roofing services throughout the Metroplex.

It is now quite common to see newer Dallas-Fort Worth homes with three-car garages. People have teens living at home and want the extra bay for a vehicle, Curtis said, or they may want more room for bikes, boats, or other toys.

Vehicle Bay and Workspace

In most newly constructed neighborhoods, it’s actually rare to see vehicles parked in the driveway. Some homeowners associations in the Metroplex actually forbid cars from being parked in a driveway for more than a few hours. Spring hail storms also give DFW homeowners more incentive to keep their vehicles safely parked in a garage.

Curtis said the company rarely converts a garage into living space, which was a popular option in renovation 20 or 30 years ago. Instead, it makes garages into places where homeowners can not only keep their vehicles and belongings, but also hang out.

Buzz Roofing frequently puts ventilation in the roofs over garages, so air circulation can make the garage more comfortable. Homeowners want finished-out garages with smooth floors where the kids can play, he said, and many homeowners use part of the area for a workshop or hobby space.

That’s a big contrast from prior years: Most garages built in previous decades had flooring with grainy, rough surfaces. In some older homes, sometimes the walls didn’t even have Sheetrock, so the frame and outer walls were exposed.

Organization Mania

The modern garage is becoming a study in different organization methods, with many new garage styles loaded with built-in solutions. “There is a lot of high-end shelving and cabinetry,” Curtis said. “Even the ceiling is used for organization, with hooks for bikes and other equipment.”

The garage is no longer the place where you stow stuff you use occasionally. It’s for the stuff you use every day, like kids’ sporting equipment, he added. Things you only use occasionally, such as Christmas decorations and other seasonal items, are relegated to storage sheds in the backyard or storage units.

Essentially, it’s all about making things most convenient for you and your family’s lifestyle. The things you use regularly should be easy to reach. Your garage has plenty of storage space, and you have a variety of organizational options at hand — the days of a cluttered, unused garage are over.

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  1. Bob Rudd
    December 6, 2016

    Tammy this is a great article and very well written. I am the owner of a Garage Door Repair & Installation Company here in Dallas and couldn’t agree more with your findings about the uptick in the styles of garage doors in DFW.


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