Home Office Design: Top Five Refresher Tips


Learn how to improve and upgrade your Texas home office by incorporating these simple and inexpensive suggestions. Improve the flow of your workspace by organizing and upgrading furniture and office supplies.


A utilitarian and logical home office design can prove integral to the productivity experienced within it. With the right design and improvements in mind, you can refresh your office in your DFW home for success. Realize your workspace’s maximum potential by implementing these Texas-centric office upgrades.

Bright Minds and Green Thumbs

Incorporating plants into a home office setting has a slew of advantages, including improving the atmosphere, air quality, and look of the office. Plants have even been associated with boosting mood, enhancing creativity and bolstering productivity. Refresh your office by going green and dotting your workspace with live, potted plants. While you can select from many different plant species, you can easily keep your choice homegrown: a potted cactus, for example, can require relatively little maintenance and add a bit of Texan flair to a home office’s interior.

Make a Decorative Splash With Paint

A fresh coat of paint can transform any room into a different world. Choosing a new color scheme for your home office can give you the opportunity to incorporate an overall theme. If your home office serves as headquarters to your business, consider repainting the walls in your company’s colors to help establish your brand with visitors and clients. Should your office function more as an artist’s studio, choose a hue that enhances creativity, like purple.

Accents: More than Just Drawls

Decor and accents often stand out the most to visitors and clients and can influence that all-important first impression. Choose your accents carefully. Home offices meant strictly for personal use can boast a few accents that say something about you, while those that act as a hub for a business may need a few items that advertise goods, services, or a company philosophy. To maximize your space, invest in accents that have the dual purpose of providing decoration and storage options.

Rope in Some New Furniture

Replacing your old office furniture with new versions can improve your workspace in a multitude of ways. Opt for ergonomic chairs and office supplies to make working as comfortable as sitting on a front porch and watching a Texan inky sunset. If your business is Texas-centric, choose rustic-looking furniture made of local mahogany or cedar trees for an extra dose of the Lone Star experience.

Reorganize for New Life

Clutter and improperly placed items constantly threaten the utility of home offices. Organizing your office into a logical and fluid home office design can improve your productivity level and reduce the amount of stress you experience while getting work done. Carefully consider your home office’s layout and plan ahead: Determine where computers, printers, and peripherals should go before setting them up. Get rid of as much old paperwork as you can and take advantage of labeling and digital filing systems. Take your cue from those long stretches of Texas highways and keep things as simple, bare, and unencumbered as possible — that always makes for the smoothest personal and professional rides.

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