Your Home’s September Honey-Do List

Transition your home from summer to fall with this month’s list of around-the-house to do’s.

Fall is almost upon us and with falling leaves and more hectic schedules, it’s time to get organized at home.  On your home’s September Honey-Do List, we’ll get you and your house ready for the cooler months ahead.

1. Enjoy the outdoors – If you’re like me, you’re still in denial that summer is almost over. If you’re not ready to move inside, consider transitioning your summer patio to a cozy fall retreat. Add a few autumnal touches, like a chiminea and garland lights to make your outdoor space work even as the nights get longer and cooler.

2. Apples, apples & more apples – Nothing screams fall more than the blissful smell of apple pie wafting through the house. Take a trip to a local pick-your-own farm for a festive activity and cook up some fall favorites like applesauce and apple pie.  We’ve shared the World’s Best Apple Pie recipe before, but it’s certainly worth mentioning again.  After all, an apple a day…

3.  Schedule doctor’s appointments – An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but it’s still best to see him at least once a year.  Schedule annual physicals, dentist appointments and eye exams around the same time each year so you’ll have an easier time remembering to check all the necessary boxes.  Booking appointments around back-to-school time is usually best as some extra-curricular activities will require a check-up anyway.

4. Get into back to school mode – Whether you’re looking for fresh ideas for school lunches, or tips to make it out the door on time, we have what you need to make back to school easy as the above mentioned apple pie.

5. Prep your yard for fall – With fall around the corner, there is plenty to do to prep your yard for the change of seasons. Download this printable September Lawn & Garden To-Do List, which covers everything from lawn care to building a compost bin for falling leaves.

6. Fall into home improvement – Before the weather turns too cold, plan your final outdoor home improvement projects. Roof repairs, gutter and chimney clean-up are particularly important before the winter arrives.

7. Get organized – In the coming weeks, it will be time to put away the summer attire and break out the warmer clothing.  Take time now to make room in your coat closet, donate unworn summer items and assess what fall clothing no longer fits.  Spring cleaning gets all the glory, but the fall sweep is where it’s at!

8. Start holiday prep – We never have enough time before the holidays, so make a point of starting prep early. Begin the Halloween costume brainstorm, collect Thanksgiving Day recipes, and start your holiday card address list. By doing a little holiday organization ahead of time, you can actually relax and enjoy the most important part—spending quality time with those you love!

We’ll be back next month with your October Honey-Do List, complete with Halloween hacks and fall home maintenance tips. Plenty of tricks and treats coming up next month!

Victoria Keichinger is the Vice President, Brand Marketing for Coldwell Banker Real Estate. When she's not managing national media and advertising for the Coldwell Banker brand at work, she finds herself most at home in Jersey City, NJ with her pre-school crush turned spouse and son. A true Francophile, she loves to travel and will go anywhere there are ski slopes.

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