Homes for Dogs: The Story of Mack


This is the story of Mack, a British bulldog who was found in bad shape and is now enjoying life with his loving forever family.


Hi, my name is Mack. My parents estimate I am about 3 years old now, but they aren’t 100% sure. Prior to meeting my dads, I was living in the Orange County animal shelter. Someone had brought me there after finding me in very bad shape. I had a fractured leg, I was covered in hot spots, and I had no identification on me whatsoever. No one knew where I had come from! Like I said — I was NOT in good shape!

I was starting to worry I would never find my “forever family”, but I got the best belated Christmas present ever when I was adopted on December 26, 2013. Not only do I feel lucky to have my humans, but I even have a fellow bulldog sister named Mabel! I love playing with Mabel, and even though she is over 10 years old, I think I bring out the puppy in her when we’re together! You should see the two of us play; it’s like we’ve been siblings forever!

My family says I am very funny, and I also love to learn! I definitely think I keep my parents entertained. I finally know what it means to have a home and a family who truly loves me, and for that I am forever grateful!


Check me out in our commercial here – you can see a close up of my adorable, wrinkly face at 0:05!

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